Saturday , July 31 2021
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Investors bracing for tariff hike as trade war intensifies

Oberweis Asset Management president Jim Oberweis says Trump has to appear tough on China, but China doesn’t want to sign an agreement that doesn’t look good, so short-term deals aren’t on the table.

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  1. Hildabeast is Bracing for another PASS

  2. Obastard the Moslem Parasite TRAITOR is Laughing at Trump and Barr and America

  3. The CCCP is not forthright with their intentions on an international level.
    Having said that, Donald Trump is the most inept, as well as morally bankrupt, leader to ever lead a modern day global power nation. If he is re-elected, all of our hopes of a prosperous and peaceful future will be null & void. I really, really hope that the people of America are now cognizant of what this guy is…a fraud, a conman, a bad joke. But at the end of the day, the only thing we can truly control is our Own Actions. It’s up to us, as individuals(all around the globe), to be our best selves each and every day. To be kind to one another…. and to do all we can to leave this world a better place than when we arrived. Because it’s not really about “One China Policy” or “America First” etc, it’s about ALL OF US. One race… THE HUMAN RACE. And this obscure blue planet is OUR HOME. It’s the only one we have, so we might as well learn how to get along with each other and begin looking for all that we have in common, rather than pointing out the differences. If you go back far enough, we’re all family! Good night and good luck fam!!!

  4. President Trump is knocking it out of the park..


  6. The dumbest person to ever occupy the white house, shameful!!!!

  7. You're all concerned about the traders when its obvious China is the problem. Decouple from China. Wall Street, you better get this right! Trade with fair and trade friendly countries. China is stealing us blind, but you just don't care. As long as you get your commission. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  8. China's annual GDP growth this year is almost the amount of total export to USA, what's the point of this tarriff war, the growth of Chinese ecnmony is not because exporting to USA or technology from USA, it is beause of poverty, there are hugh amount of population living in poverty, majority of families there don't have a car. US company should share the growing new market rather than cutting off from it

  9. This guy isn’t know what he is talking, Hua Wei for example is control by China government, that men’s government can take whatever they want from them, just like They do from Jack Ma, health care stocks, don’t even touch it with 10 foot pole, they are having the same government controls problem, they are so many cheat and lie in themselves, the reason they are risen for so many years is Western investors don’t understand the Chinese market and keep throwing money into black hole, as Chinese proverbial saying, As the tide recedes, we can see who didn’t wear their underwear. No, no, no, Warren Buffett’s theory is simply not working for this case , buy low , sell high. Trust me, buy low, sell even lower until you cry to your grave.

  10. Stop buying Chinese. Support Americans. This guy is an idiot.

  11. 5G is proving to be a medical nightmare. Investing in that is basically flushing cash down the toilet. The best investments for the next 10 years will be crypto related…both in China and around the world.

  12. Donald Trumps strategy won’t help business come back to USA. The labor union, the high manufacturing cost and lack of supply chains systems are main reason to drive the manufacturer moving to oversea underdeveloped or developing countries.

    USA is a country with too little population and too much undeveloped land. When the elderly population grow, younger human labor not able to fulfill that capacity causes government spending increase, so the burden finally shifting to all working class, so taxpayers not only pay higher tax, but higher living cost.
    Based on this theory, If USA wanted to further expand economy, the best way to do is attract more immigrants come to USA. So far too little USA population giving USA businesses limited space to grow, business need to maximize profitability must shifting manufacturer and shifting business market target to oversea. Donald Trump strategy not able to force those manufacturing business come back to USA.

    As a working class, you might need to think of these questions:
    1. Are your living expense keep going up?
    2. Is your salary not able or barley able for you paying your living expense?
    3. Can you actual feel that your living cost increase because of the trade war effect?

    If all this answer is yes, then that’s nothing to do of unfair trade, but the USA political mistake cause the actual issues arise.

  13. Oh, no. I gotta reduce spending on this year’s shopping season.

  14. China backed by Russia are not for America. Amazon rain forest will be cleared to grow crops to feed China.

  15. This guy's a d**** I'm a right-winger conservative if Trump wins we all know he's going to kick some serious butt Trump is a God among man because God put him in office it's prophesied by Kim Clement who passed away he's going to win prophecy so deal with it choked on it you liberal idiots and you may say or doubters Republicans you are idiots

  16. I don't get it. Trump administration claims economy is strong so why do we even need a trade deal with China?

    These people are complaining about 30 – 40 years of market growth and cheap labor in China all the while they were the ones championing those policies because capitalism.

    It's always the middle class and working poor who get pissed on while being told it's rain.

    We need investment new industries here, we are in a global economy and nothing will change that.

    This is all political theater.

  17. buy adidas instead of nike, made in indonesia, same cheap price, no tariffs, nike is moving to indonesia

  18. 3 years and Trump Has Done Nothing to the Criminal Pedophile Traitors 
    More Talk
    More MSM sedition 
    More BS
    the Traitors are Free 
    This Patriot is Over Trump

  19. Its not a trade WAR. Its simply playing fair,

  20. Trump's chaos is creating a constitutional crisis. His tax giveaway to wealthy elites is bankrupting America.

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