Iowa Could Lose First In Nation Election Status Due To Lack Of Diversity

The Democratic National Committee has faced pressure from party insiders to diversify the first states that kick off its nomination process as Iowa has held that status for more than 50 years. NBC News’ Jonathan Allen reports on how states like Michigan and Minnesota are contenders to replace Iowa for the first-in-the-nation status.

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  1. Idiocracy. Thanks Democrats!

  2. the caucus process is literally Idiots.Out.Wandering.About.

  3. I'm calling BS on this. Like anyone who is pro-moving the caucuses, do you actually live in Des Moines? If you don't maybe you don't have the accurate perspective to be saying something here. We have a ton of diversity here in DSM. I can't speak for NH but if you visited here, you'd see who works around town, it's not so hard to understand. Des Moines is very diverse.

  4. This is dumb. Just make the first state to vote the first state of the US

  5. Polls show Iowa isn’t American enough to represent Americans 😂🤡

  6. lol, Democrats are so weird

  7. These leftist clowns have ruined my beautiful home state of Michigan. But then, the left destroys everything that is beautiful and worships all things that are ugly.

  8. The coastal elite is leaving the central U.S. for the Republicans. This will intensify efforts like Vexit and Greater Idaho.

  9. This is a mistake.

    The voters of Iowa have a special 6th sense that other states lack & it enables them to pick the best candidates.

  10. I live in Iowa and could not be happier.
    We F'd it up so bad in 2020, we deserve to be stripped of the privilege.

  11. No state should be first. That’s just a way for mainstream parties to control elections.

  12. Iowa is that in North Europe 😄

  13. You don’t get to choose the diversity of your state wtf

  14. Another stupid headline.

  15. MSNBC. Is racist their attack on white people is disgusting

  16. Note: good/more clear discussion at Beau of the 5th.

  17. Who cares what a bunch of backwards hicks in fly over country think? The democrat party has no use for anyone from Iowa!!

  18. Diversity is conformity with idiocy

  19. Diversity means black right?

  20. As usual the dumbcrats if they don’t win it’s always something else. It could be their dumb policies around major issues facing the American people !

  21. Diversity should be a natural condition of we’re people desire to live not forced on people there nothing wrong with a state because it’s all white. Forget these phycos.

  22. These people are sick. Diversity shouldn’t matter. People are people stop counting people by there skin color racist leftist.

  23. Why would Biden not prefer South Carolina? It's already really early and has plenty of racial diversity. Joe Biden was nearly about to drop out of the 2020 race before he performed very well amongst black voters in South Carolina. SC saved Biden's campaign.

  24. Because they don’t matter.

  25. Lol when you make everything about race….I'd say you are the real racists.

  26. Ethics, morals, and honesty take second place to winning and graft in DC.

  27. How many states have caucuses as well as diversity. Don't trust this guy's spin.

  28. That doesn't sound like a qualification. It sounds like an exception to policy.

  29. Wonder if NBC News is reading these comments.

  30. The Iowa Democratic Party withheld results in Iowa trying to delay Sanders, the delays gave cover to former Vice President Joe Biden on a poor initial showing, and Buttigieg had already claimed victory. Iowa voters had declared diversity, but Shadow inc, Buttigieg, the IDP, and the DNC had already done the damage. Bernie thanked Iowa for a year of door knocking and asked that all votes be counted(it was heartbreaking one young Latin American lady had secured Iowa , and it was a secret from the country)('We don't have time to correct every error': Iowa Democrats vote 26-14 to certify caucus results) This ended phase 1 of defeating democracy, on to New Hampshire…Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden will not meet the threshold for pledged delegates(15%)… Shall I continue?

  31. Yeah… this is the news. Why can't I find anything from NBC about the situation in China?

  32. “Lack of diversity” because we all know who jumps right up when anything about color is suggested.

  33. Or they WON by resisting bully tactics of the so-called woke….we were never asleep in the first place. Better to stand up for principles than bow to politics.

  34. True!!! I see a definite lack of Orientals and Native Americans and Mutts in Iowa!!!

  35. I wish the entire country exhibited a near total lack of racial "diversity".

  36. The Great Replacement – Kalergi (founding father of the EU and globalist Jew). Ye is right about everything. These “people” want you replaced and dead. WAKE UP

  37. Oh no to many white people they must all be racists

  38. Wokiesm is at it again. In my household there are no blacks or Asians. Will I have to diversify. The left and the media are of control.

  39. Status. Iowa ..most civilized state in the country !!! That's a stat

  40. Isn't "diversity" the same as gentrification?