‘Iran has fingerprints all over’ USS Carney attack, retired lieutenant general says

After the recent attacks by the Houthis on the USS Carney, retired Lt. Gen. Steph Twitty says Iran is trying to broaden the war from a regional perspective to bring the U.S. in and “disrupt the shipping lanes” to create havoc within the Middle East.

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  1. "Drones?" Drones are what you are flying around taking videos. Missiles would be the correct word.

  2. No country on earth gets to dominate the entire globe, and then once somebody strikes back, they’re called terrorist

  3. Why do you people always assume it's Iran?think you can win

  4. We can’t bring warships to their back yard, and think we can stick our chest out with no repercussions

  5. Not defending Iran in anyway, but how many proxy groups has the US backed, financed, trained and armed to try to start conflict , wars, and remove leaders the US doesnt like all over the world ?

  6. America is trying to start another war. Gotta keep that military industrial complex going. How many lives we going to lose this time. Oh lord

  7. Biden will probably surrender to Iran. He is a complete loser.

  8. It's obvious, these operations are design to shrink the Ashkenazi's for next twenty years. Talisker Biden

  9. He who suketh thy biggest dik.

  10. Putin is goading Iran to mess with us, it’s about tilting the focus. The big picture is to get aUS to abandon Ukraine.

  11. Why do they keep singling out just Iran as the heart .. it's much much more complicated than that now

  12. In accordance with International Law and the UN Charter Eisenhower overthrew the Iranian government via CIA Coup in 1953. The Coup removed their democratically elected leader Mossadeq, and installed the Shah as an American puppet. The Operation was planned in 2 weeks by Kermit Roosevelt Jr, and was requested by the British government. (CIA Operation Ajax..MI6 Operation Boot 1953)

  13. Affirmative action military clown

  14. Why Iran or Houthis not attaching Chinese warships or Chinese owed cargo ships? CCP prosecuted chinese muslims and closed down mosque in xinjiang.

  15. nbc with top notch news again.
    iran has been behind middle east war this whole time.
    they armed and trained terrorists
    they want israel obliterated
    what breaking news will nbc share with us next? russia is in cahoots with iran too??