Sunday , September 19 2021
Home / News / Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland

Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland

Former Trump deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland discusses the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

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  1. they have always said no talks without lifting sanctions. Why are these anchors so dumb


  3. Failure to launch, boom boom.

  4. You don't need standing armies or nuclear bombs to ruin the country….
    All you need is Democrats

  5. Iran acts like it dictates
    But I guess you can’t fix stupid

  6. There are three struggles.
    1) Flagrant disregard of the nuclear deal.
    2) Asserting Islam and the determination to erase Israel.
    3) The economy isn't Iran's biggest problem. The mosques are empty all over Iran.
    The world has no idea a tiny minority is pulling the strings and shrinking by the day.

  7. Bombard them with American Porn and Weed theyll turn on their leaders within weeks

  8. FAKE NEWS spread by fox. According to economists, Iran's economy will grow in less than 2 years. The sanctions have failed.

  9. Trump for life President.

  10. Other than compliance, Rhohani has nothing to offer at the table. President Trump has made it clear what he expects. How is that tough public stance doing you? Did John Kerry suggest that?

  11. and they get tax money making you stupid people sin i told you i see some white men laughing at you

  12. there 3 devil worshippers sitting in Miami try do judism on people

  13. im Adam Joseph Ishmael Moses Jesus king David house moshiach Dawood

  14. you start war news people im gonna be upset telepathic telling people not to watch you like i did other fake news im Adam i can sway heart's people

  15. i told Iran to let go a ship of people they listing there small poor country your not there mind your own business

  16. Oh..very childish ,low level , analyse by foxnews .poor Americans don't know anything about Iranian people, you have no clue nor your president absolutely ..

  17. Gee I wounder why their economy is crumbling…

  18. Rgouni demands haha its all that regime does . It demands and threatens thats been its mo for 40 years.

  19. I ran the longer they go the more the Iranian people will have their freedom some day the movers will crush them selves and their economy will fall apart the leader is well in their 80s and very sick so time is running out on the Iranian terrorism of the world I would never make a deal with them I would just let them sink in the quicksand and then when they fall apart we help the news government Iran be free and the people will be free to join the world economy


  21. Only by pride cometh contention.

  22. Good job Trump. I guess we finally showed the Iranian people how much we hate them. Israel proud.

  23. Why don't the people standup and tell him off, because he's not gaining anything for them?

  24. Fredo CUOMO IS LOSER AND LICKING THE bottom of the Barrel over at Crap News Network!!!…Lol👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

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