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Iran warns US against seizing newly released ship

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Peter Brookes discusses how Iran warned the U.S. against trying to seize one of its oil tankers.

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  1. If Iran wants to appear stronger and USA and Britain would assist to that
    Some story. Please do not make a fool of us

  2. Ok…more than meets the eye…this oil tanker was carrying more than oil perhaps?.. maybe some Iranian high Intel? Or persons of interest? Maybe just a show of muscle on are side. It's not the oil case in point something more… ( Iranians.." hey brother let's transport you ' high profile' and your company on a oil tanker,, the American will never know") in beknowest we have the highest and most remarkable survalance data base in all the world coupled with the speed response of actual force of contact

  3. Too much focus on a Tanker.

  4. They took 2 tankers in front of british navy, choose the best, if they are as weak as you claimed. US should stop the ship themselves. Stop hiding behind weaker countries. I double dare you

  5. Seizing the Iranian ship again by the US this time would be an outright crime. UN must ensure no such open hostility is allowed.

  6. FOX Business, a US propagandist channel

  7. The Iranian are right because the moment Iran releases the British tanker the USA will recapture Iran tanker

  8. It wasn't an "arrangement"… US lost in court .😔


  10. Give oil to poor Syrians !!

  11. They better not go to Syria

  12. back off bitches west of the Atlantic

  13. Or what? What is Iran going to do? Pshh.

  14. How could these 2 not know that it was going to happen that way. It was stated early on that they would release the British tanker when it reached Greece. Why the hell just make up talking points. I could care less either way, but anyone following this knows what they said and for morons to get up and say they expected otherwise is just stupid.

  15. Hey, you still doubt Iran being serious when giving warnings?!! See what happened to the Stena Impero?!! You remember Global Hawk?!!

  16. Does anyone know where the tanker is going ?

  17. all countries want to detroy us

  18. Old pirates the USA wants to rob the released Iranian oil tanker ,USA broad daylight robbery ,shame on USA

  19. The leadership of Iran needs to be replaced, Big Time.

  20. I was reading the comments from Americans, look at wild nation of America, if you don’t change your minds America will be destroyed by your own hands!


  22. The Brittish have let themselves be mislead into believing Iran is an enemy by the American government for decades. Brittian should refuse to continue this farse and help convince America that Saudi Arabia is more the true enemy, not Iran. What has Iran done to the US that we haven't instigated out of greed and avarice.

  23. Thank you IRAN.we are waiting for the next punches

  24. They won’t be able to find the ship because it has a different name

  25. USA needs too take over tanker and donate oil to Israel. This would cause iran to do stupid things! Giving the USA a excuse to devastate Iran and take their oil!

  26. It's amazing how many human beings sell their soul for nothing!!

  27. I'm so sick of these small insignificant countries pretending to have power. Iran needs to be reintroduced to imperialism

  28. We should just sink it with a mine then act like we don’t what happened. Sound familiar?

  29. Iran is a very weak nation and if they fail to release the British tanker following the release of the Iranian Grace 1 they will pay the price as a bunch of foolish negotiators..Regime change will happen in Iran!

  30. What an idiot, Iran is weak.
    Hell no Britannia has weak case, no navy either. Iran will ruin Britannia, EU and us economy with little effort!

  31. Like what is that 3rd world crap hole of a country Iran actually gonna do I’d love to watch them get removed from the globe

  32. Lol what is Iran going to do? Talk? Their military is pathetic

  33. US better chill out. All the other nations are getting tired of bullying. Your so-called allies are taking notes of your history with bullying. Oooh boy !

  34. U.S should take the oil from it and sink it then send crew home in rowboats! Iran is a joke of a country

  35. Iran doesn't trust the Brits who are in bed with the US Deep State War Mongers… Iran will release the British ship once their ship reaches it's destination… WITHOUT US INTERVENTION.

  36. All them other countries still trading with them should be punished to

  37. What is Iran going to do shot BB guns at us Iran is like a cartoon 😂😂

  38. There is no lawful authority to seize another country's ship from international waters. The United States does not own the world.

  39. … this makes me wanna take it.
    Guys let’s go cop a row boat 💯👌

  40. Time to smack some finger's and put them in their place

  41. IRAN is warning the United States 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂PLEASE STOP IT.

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