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Is Ashwin India's greatest offspinner?

Gautam Gambhir, Ian Bell and the crew of Runorder discuss

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  1. DRS can also goes in the favor of batsman, bowler loose wickets or bowler gets wicket two options are always there, putting down a watch winner by using DRS is not acceptable, Ashwin supported by all other bowlers they are applying pressure on batsman which helps Ashwin a lot ?????, we can also say the line in reverse manner, Ashwin bowling well taking wickets and applying pressure lot on opposition, which helps other bowler to take wickets!!!!! , 7 man of series in 30 series means he is a best player in Indian test squad out all Indian players, who plays on same condition, (PITCH), anil kumble smart bowler, harbhajan singh great off spinner and kapil dev great test match allrounder, the ashwin has all three title at his back, a smart cricketer, great off spinner and all rounder, anil kumble, harbhajan singh, and R Ashwin all are the great spinners, let's celebrate all the three spinners…….they all done good for Indian cricket team, they all won matches for Indian cricket team.

  2. Gautam analysis always more towards emotional rather cricketing logic 😉😉

  3. Don't understand the logic..when comparing batsmen these experts say batsmen in previous era played on wickets assisting bowlers and when comparing bowlers they say they got better pitch to bowl🤔

  4. Ashwin bcoz he can bat too

  5. Just one thing Ashwin does his homework very well than any other bowlers i have seen especially spinners, now he changes his action little bit in foreign tour so that he can get more bounce from wicket.At present he is best without doubt

  6. If you make 4th day spinning pitches, people will criticize them as 'win toss, win match pitches'.
    If ball is spinning from day 1, people are criticizing them as 'bad pitches'.
    high scoring games are highly overrated.

  7. If Gautam gambhir said yes then it can't happen 😂😂😂
    Legend knows 😂

    Just kidding…
    I hope he'll get more wickets than murlitharan

  8. Can anyone tell me Harbhajan influencing overseas series win like Ashwin did in the recent Australian series? My memory not serving me for now.

  9. Axar Patel has taken 18 wickets in 2 matches. If we keep producing these kind of wickets then let alone Ashwin even Axar will be able to take 800 Wickets if he plays 100 tests. Then we will be discussing is Axar the GOAT spinner ?

  10. Gambhir always talks like he is attending a funeral

  11. Performances of Indian spinners in SENA countries
    BS Bedi 90W @ 31 , 5 5W hauls & 1 10W haul
    BS Chandrasekhar 71W @31, 6 5W hauls & 1 10w haul
    E Prasanna 78W @30 ,5 5w hauls & 1 10w haul
    Kumble. 141W@37, 5 5w hauls & 1 10w haul
    Harbhajan 62w @ 40 , 3 5W haul
    Jadeja 41W @ 35 , 1 5W haul
    Ashwin. 63W @ 40 , 0 5w haul

    Ashwin has taken most of his wickets on very helpful pitches & against batsmen who don't know how to play spin. I've taken only SENA nos bcoz Conditions there have almost been same for all spinners.If Made to Order pitches would have been the norm earlier then Kumble & Harbhajan would have been sitting on 700W & 500W. In the times of Bedi, Chandrasekhar & Prasanna , getting a LBW decision when bowl has hit the Front pad was impossible. There was no DRS till a decade back.
    Let alone world, Skill wise Ashwin isn't even in the list of top5 Indian spinners.

  12. Ashwin is atleast twice as smart as harbhajan.

  13. Absolutely Ravi Ash is as good as Bhajju pa

  14. no matter how best the players are from South India…they will never be acknowledged. Be it Gundappa vishy, srinath, dravid, kumble or ashwin. Lara & Sanga to this day think the wall was way better than srt & many elite foreign players opine that the above lot always put the team 1st over themselves.

  15. Ashwin have more qualities like carrom ball.slider ..drift dusra also (not allowed now) …cutter and off spin even somtime leg spin ..he probsbly more skillfull than others

  16. People like to live in nostalgia .
    For them , past was , is and always be better.

  17. Come on Ashwin is intelligent and the best. Gautam fought with Virat what can you expect. The best Ash is yet to come.

  18. I will pick Ashwin over Harbhajan any day

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