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Is Ben Stokes England's greatest allrounder?

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  1. Why isn’t Shakib in the exclusive alrounder’s club?

  2. Everything is all about consistency in every field. who is the more constant hes the best doesn’t matter what others do but if ur constant u r the best…

  3. He has already overtaken an Overrated Flintoff but Sir Ian Botham remains easily the Greatest

  4. It doesn’t matter, at the moment he is above every single cricketer in the world

  5. He is an outstanding player he deserves this .Flintoff was a great talent and so is Ben stkoes but Ben still is probably the best all rounder england has ever had.He won the world cup for them and won matches for england that people thought they would have lost.well done bud

  6. It was shit umpiring but that doesn't mean he didn't play something Amazing on that day. I would ahve preferred him scoring a 150 and loose rather than win that match.

  7. Last comment was unnecessary. All 3 players are committed.

  8. Why is Collingwood always underrated?

  9. can't believe people forgot ian botham

  10. In TEST Cricket, it's more of Ben Stokes vs Ian Botham. In ODI format, it's Ben Stokes vs Andrew Flintoff. But it's difficult to say who's the best one out of these yet. Let Stokes complete his career.

  11. Just wait and watch Hardik Pandya stokes se jyada accha allarounder ban ke niklega I can bet on that

  12. Because Ian Botham doesn’t exist does he?

  13. make a video of 25 questions with ben stokes and ask him
    Ashes win or WC win which was the better innings

  14. Ian botham is miles better
    He was good with both bat and ball ! That 1981 Ashes was all about himself

  15. It's great that Holder and Jadeja have better record. But Stokes is a freak……

  16. Not just Englands.. He is greatest ever after kallis. I don't think any batsman or cricket player has provided any domination as that by him

  17. At 2:09 is Sanjay Manjrekar

    Make sure to close the video before it.

  18. Hassan Ali is the world's best all-rounder😂😂😂😂

  19. Freddie was always best all-rounder

  20. Of this decade surely .
    Sir Botham and Freddie have been great . But when Ben retires , he’ll surely be remembered as the greatest English all-rounder.

  21. Sir Ian Botham is the best all rounder of England

  22. People are saying Flintoff is a better allrounder but what they don't realize is that firstly Ben is a batting all rounder and Flintoff is a bowling all rounder and secondly don't forget Ben Stokes did the one thing that Flintoff couldn't, he won the WC for England

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