Monday , August 2 2021
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Is California left with no solution for the homeless crisis?

Larry Elder, Salem Radio talk show host, explains the California homeless crisis and the lack of viable options available to the state’s government.

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  1. Meanwhile California taxpayers pay for gender reassignment surgery. Such a well run state huh?

  2. get rid of politics and then you find answer

  3. deport all illegals from the us now

  4. And they'll treat the new facility worst than the kids treat the public schools in California

  5. Solution… let nature take care of it. Remarkable… to many rats… and something arises to rid the overpopulation and unfit. Prolly the plague, or maybe a typhoon.

  6. Guys I live out in Torrance in LA county. California is slowly becoming 3rd world.

  7. Don’t you know what is going on in California ? It’s this this Beach white-man sheriff and his Italians and Black Africans WAGING WAR on White America !….The Italians want to Hijack the American South west. Tex/Mex Cowboy vs East coast Italians..

  8. Simple solution VOTE OUT THE DEMS!!!!

    It worked for NYC in the 90s and 2000s with Rudy

  9. But, this is what they wanted…..why are they crying??? What am I missing here?

  10. Just put a 50cent bounty on syringes and you’ve solved one problem
    Put in some more public toilets in ‘homeless congregations’ and you’ve solved another

    Solve problems one step at a time

  11. Send them to New Mexico. Millions of desert acres.

  12. California don't care about the homeless most of the time they only care about being diverse, promoting outrages laws, getting people to promote hate speech and being rich in luxury getting all the gold.

  13. build the housing first then worry about if people will live in it.

    Mass Migration = undercut wages and increased housing costs.

    Homelessness is a DIRECT result of mass migration. In the process many people give up on life, that is true.

  14. Great Idea here!!!!

    They become our Nations Refugees and we send them to other countries!!

    Just like other Countries do to us!

  15. And giving immigrants asylum instead of us citizens

  16. Maybe…..affordable housing?

  17. LA County spends 600 million on homeless. 10 grand each homeless.

  18. This problem started way back when our jobs were outsourced to Mexico and China.


  20. The solution…Federal investigation into the corruption of Sacramento

  21. no welfare without contribution. have them start doing street cleaning for food and support

  22. places whites hate: Cali, New York , Louisiana , Nashville, south Houston, Miami, Phoenix , Atlanta Guess what they all have in common? Colored peoples 😂😂😂 White sssaaaaaalt is real yall

  23. California the land of fruits and nuts 🙄

  24. …. Does anyone remember the movie Demolition Man?

  25. That's exactly the question I have. When are the homeless going to give back to us ? We've already spent into the billions on them and all we get back is more begging, vandalization, crapping on the streets, drug use and trashing every place they go…

  26. Let them live in squalor it’s what they voted for

  27. Duh easiest way to lower the number of homeless is to allow illegals to flow into your state and.. oh wait

  28. There is a solution…cleanse the homeless start purging them!

  29. How is California welcoming illegal immigrants if they can’t even take care of their own.

  30. No "solution" to the homeless….
    Is this not the state that supports giving college liberals a free pass on tuition and debt forgiveness?!?!
    This is what the state of CA gets when they hire an extremely Liberal Governor.

    Maybe STOP the liberal movement and return to reality.

    All the states that are run by liberals are falling apart.

  31. This is disgusting they practically made fun of homeless people,and what's with the forcing people to go somewhere there human beings they would like to not be homeless anymore

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