Tuesday , June 28 2022

Is Florida the least patriotic state?

‘Kennedy’ panelists discuss a new survey that found the Sunshine State is one of the least patriotic states and a Supreme Court ruling that found a Maine tuition program violated the First Amendment for excluding religious schools. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. How obvious does it have to be that Sotomayor is a disingenuous progressive shill. It is well documented this country's founders were mostly Christians and the country is founded on christianity! We need to get rid of her !!!!!!

  2. "If my stars and stripes offend you I'll help you pack your bag!" (Tom MacDonald-America)

  3. Rest his soul? Where he's at….he ain't restin. Know what am sayin?

  4. Not liberal Sotomayor….Anti-Christian, Hardcore Staunch Atheist Sotomayor!!!

  5. It doesn't surprise me that massachusetts landed at the bottom of this patriot list…..I live in this liberal infested cess pool, and all the politicians care about is stealing money from hard working tax payers and giving it to the nasty single mothers who have multiple babies by multiple baby daddies, and all these nasty single mothers are selling themselves on Only fans but aren't paying taxes on that income.

  6. Arkansas fully supports President Trump. No one ever would betray that great man except our Governor who is thank God is leaving due to term limits. Very few Biden supporters mostly college or elderly democrats

  7. This is a lie, our founding fathers wanted no state religion, but they did give money to religious schools for education. It was changed when Irish Catholics came and asked for their fair share of state money when the Blaine act stopped the Catholics from getting state funds.

  8. Just another crappy pole!

  9. Frank Zappa and math…I knew you were smart.

  10. Don't you believe that the great people of florida are not some of the most patriotic folks you",ll ever find we love our country and flag and continue to serve our military with honor , God bless America and Donald j Trump !!!

  11. China will not let "Tesla" electric cars operate in their country because of the data collection capabilities of their 6 cameras in the vehicles.

  12. Russia sells a barrel of oil for $70..

  13. Florida is definitely a patriotic state!!

    Sotomayor is a moron who hates the constitution and is trying to turn this country into a socialist state! Ginsburg was 10 times the judge Sotamayor will ever be!!

  14. America is about personal freedom ( ideally ) . Morals are for everyone : for the atheist and for the followers of religious traditions . The amoral have the right to be insane …

  15. Is it me but her glasses are getting just as annoying as when tucker only wore a bowtie 🤣 🤣

  16. According to Elizabeth Warren people who took MATH courses instead of gender-studies in College are RACISTS…
    I am the only person in State of Massachusetts that flies the US Flag proudly every day
    Twice in the past year illegal aliens have pulled my flag off it's post


  18. The left saying they want to keep separation of church and state are putting a giants foot in their mouth…the church of liberalism has been indoctrinating kids for so many years….

  19. ¿"Dismantle a wall of separation"? ¡¿How can there be a WALL… of S E P A R A T I O N?! This people have a way of twisting words. It is very sad when the word distortion come from a JUSTICE.

  20. Arkansas bleeds red, white and blue.

  21. teachers union donates massive money to the communists.

  22. sotomire, the dumbest one on the bench.

  23. Separation of church and state is not in the constitution.

  24. B.S. Florida more patriotic than most states.

  25. How does one maintain faith in the judiciary when decisions are consistently split down party lines?

  26. Life is all about choice, as will as accountability, responsibility, and always telling the truth!
    Hallelujah Amen!

  27. PLEASE.. No sing song introductions. Not TMZ. Appreciate you otherwise.ty

  28. far left put that list together

  29. When they framed ‘One nation under God’ their objective had nothing to do with religion. God has no favorites. Sadly, many religions never take that into consideration, especially Christians.

  30. Go bolts!!! Love living in the free state of Florida!

  31. because they want to continue to indoctrinate our kids into their leftist/globalist ideas with out interference.

  32. You're all wrong Florida is awesome people are out on the beach digging for gold rings Basin each other around like you're 18 years old because it's warm

  33. As much as we pay in property tax, parents should be able to send their children to schools that ACTUALLY TEACH something. I'm so disappointed in what my grandchildren don't learn in public school

  34. Please don't draw attention to indiana. We're enjoying conservative success and do not want to attract people from California or God forbid Illinois. INDIANA corn and trees, nothing to see here!

  35. I'm glad I didn't go to FOX Business for some serious business news.


  37. Miss Kennedy, first of all thank you for placing Frank Zappa and Patriotism in the same show, AWESOME
    now to the subject, I live in Florida, ashamedly from Massachusetts. Mass has deep rich history but the liberals there are hell bent on destroying it. Here in Florida, everyone I know, and see is all about the USA, I see way more Trump support than I see anything else. Who ever drew up this list has their head up their caboose. I dont care what walk of life I meet people, I am a musician, I meet everyone from bums on the street to average joes, to cops and firemen, bikers, politicians etc. Except for the liberals, every one I meet is very PRO USA, and even the liberals are American but just confused in their politics.
    This is just another garbage poll with pathetic results.

  38. Freedom of religion does also mean freedom from religion, but to be free of religion is a personal choice just like the choice to be religious.

    If you give money to a parent to educate their children and that parent uses the money to give thier child a religious education that's literally none of the governments business.

  39. Why does she tell and use such strange sarcasm .. ?

  40. So sick of how the left has DILUTED the Separation of Church and State ISSUE they totally mislead the public on what it's intent ACTUALLY WAS!!!!

  41. Don't compare ny state with nyc. Nyc has more in common with Washington DC and china than it does with ny state.

  42. I"m in Polk County Fl.. What's more patriotic than Grady Judd! And I don't eat applesauce young lady. I prefer Florida Beef and produce. DeSantis 2024!!!


  44. WI is pretty patriotic and definitely Iowa