Thursday , January 20 2022
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Is owning a home still the American dream?

Rogers Healy & Assoc. Real Estate owner Rogers Healy on the state of the housing market.

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  1. Home ownership is nightmare in California May come down in up coming recession

  2. I can bid your price when you accept my payment terms.

  3. Most Millennials are becoming aware of the benefits of minimalism and foregoing starting a family, because personal freedom is of primary importance to happiness.
    They don't need marriage or a family to be happy.
    They don't need material wealth or conspicuous consumption to be happy.
    The fewer things that you own, the fewer things that own you.

  4. Why does a $100,000.00 end up costing $300,000.00?

  5. This is what happens when the government subsidizes consumption and you allow mass immigration. The price of subsidized goods and services always go up and up and up. It doesn’t take long before the value of what you’re buying doesn’t warrant the price.

  6. No matter how "hot" it is. Nobody ever qualifies anymore. Especially in California. Banks are just not giving loans out anymore. Period.

  7. wow an honest relator
    I actually agree with everything he said.

  8. Yeah and housing rates here $160,000 house is now 220k. that's within a 9 month piread.

  9. Property taxes are probably a lot of reason for the decrease in the desire to own a home. My last home had the taxes going up the max. amount allowed without a hearing or justification. When we look at the tax on line now, 16 years later I would not be able to pay the taxes. I would have been taxed right out of it. This is combined with the school tax and both are a completely unfair tax for people who are retired and living on fixed incomes. They have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and they no longer have children in school. These taxes should go away at Social Security age. Nobody deserves to lose the home they worked all their lives to have because the taxes are made non-affordable. I still pay property tax but I am living in a different area of the Country and the taxes are more reasonable. Still increasing but more affordable.

  10. property taxes in California are the killer of deals.

  11. The affordability gap continues to widen. It's tough to come up with a down payment. Americans change jobs more often than in previous generations. The changing dynamic of getting married and having children means that millennials are staying at home longer and delaying the purchase of their first home. In 2018, student debt in the U.S. hit $1.5 trillion and has become a burden on millennials trying to enter the housing market.

  12. This "homeownership as dream" is all Neo-Feudalist Corporate-Libertarian and Socialist propaganda. Homeownership used to be common here and we used to dream of a hell of a lot more than mere security. When I was growing up it was implied you would be able to get your own house with a reasonable mortgage after about ten years in a good full-time job, but now those are gone, too. How else do you explain all the media we grew up with from the decades before the Great Recession urging young people to move out away from their parents when they hit 18 if not for that opportunity for independent homeownership being there, common, and to be counted on? If we're reduced to a manorial wasteland and the people are mere vulnerable tenants like in every other country, how can they claim we're really that much better off anymore? How can they justify the increased responsibilities our people bear "because of all the wealth we have here?" This is a disgrace our authorities allowed this country, which should be the best in the world, to degenerate like this! My grandparents lived in a paid-off house and they previously suffered the Great Depression! Then my parents did far worse than them, struggling to this day, and God-knows where I'll be barring divine intervention. This rationally means either we have suffered economic disasters WORSE than the Depression, or our authorities and companies have been screwing us massively because otherwise it makes no sense that people who came from the Depression would be doing better than their children who never suffered such a catastrophe! The American People don't want this and it wasn't ineptitude, ignorance, or laziness on their part that caused this. No, it was the mismanagement by our authorities Left and Right and their corruption and their political-economic-religions like Corporate-Libertarianism and Socialism robbing the American People blind! "The spoil of the poor is in their houses!" Let's make the American People secure again so we can Make America Great Again!

  13. Not worth it in CA!!! Or even live in that state!!!!

  14. It's the dream broken. destroyed. Evil Dems and RINOs destroyed America and the American dream. Trump steps in to try to restore America and the American dream and fake news radical MSM pounce on him constantly. They too want American ruined.
    Example; Corrupt Congress did away with FHA assumable back in the late 80's.
    Example 2; Dems are pushing for open borders ..where they give everything to illegals coming in the gate. city dwellers know that illegal aliens rent a house or an apartment and pack it full with 20 or 30 other illegals the property owners up ALL the rents on their property forcing American citizens out of the market.
    Example 3; realtors deliberately hide any left over FHA assumable s from the market and keep it for themselves. I've had that pulled on me twice. Dont think there are any left now but the one's that were in the last 10 yrs .. the realtors blocked the sale. And kept it for themselves as an income property. They're not supposed to do that but they do what they want there's no one to do anything about it.
    Example 4: builders raise the price thru the roof when they are developing a housing neighborhood. instead of using the standard 4 x the amt of cost and labor they jump it up to 8 even 12 x the amt ..
    In part it could be because this town's evil politicians like to throw moratoriums on builders after they have purchased all the necessary permits and submitted the plans etc. and break ground. Then the greedy city council throws on moratoriums … and the builder has to go pass around a lot of sweet money to the evil politicians in order to continue the project. But the builders like to get greedy to.

    So single family's homes are out of reach of the American people. The Dems and the RINO's are laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. I plan to buy a van and convert it into my home. License plate taxes are far cheaper than property taxes and I'll always be mobile..

  16. Location, location, location cheaper depending what Kind of home you want big or small!

  17. It's getting harder and harder for Fox to keep up Trump's charade. 🤣 Serves you right, America. More corporate tax cuts!!

  18. The American dream is supposed to be that if you work hard and save your money you can make it in life. American dream is not owning a home. Owning a home is one of the benefits of achieving the dream.

  19. Of course not, these young people do not want to take responsibility for anything, all they want to do is blame. Blame everyone and everything for their inability to commit to anything but hate and division. They’d rather blame the homeowners than BE the homeowners!

  20. It will ALWAYS be the American Dream to own your own home! It is just about EVERYONES dream! They only time they say that people want to rent instead of own is when the housing prices are so high that the average person cant afford to buy! What a bunch of liars!

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