Is the Fed running a rate hike ‘regime’ with blindfolds on?

Andersen Capital Management CIO Peter Andersen argues the Federal Reserve isn’t making decisions based on ‘real-time’ data. #FOXBusiness

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  1. We have to be safe and like 👍 every one because they don’t want to do anything different and look 👀 like a fool. That’s another thing that they don’t get right. Thay are foolish enough for anything.

  2. Sounds like a man expecting a margin calls.


  4. All the expert need to go back to school. First its transitory, amd its not, then the fed act too slowly, not fast enough and or too late, now its too aggressive? What a joke.! Sounds like nobody learn from 2008, or know what the hell they're doing. Lol. Oh boy.

  5. That guy at 1:52 is CORRUPT he pushed the fed all last year but if they are doing all this they deserve to be fired…


  7. This is a great time to buy stocks.

  8. Better high interest rates than runaway inflation leading to currency collapse and ultimately the fall of the nation. We should be rejoicing that the Federal Reserve is finally doing their job and defending the US dollar.

  9. The “Fed” does as it pleases seeing as how it’s not part of the United States government.
    Oh, you think I’m wrong? Research it yourself.
    Foxtrot Juliet Bravo and the “Fed”.

  10. Please up the volume. TV clips are infamous for low volume.

  11. It’s obvious they were still trying to sell all their stocks. Then give the bad news

  12. This is the blind leading the blind. Duh!

  13. So this guy makes his money off of investment and doesn’t like what the rate hikes are doing to investment stocks? So to hell with all of the people getting killed by inflation that don’t have enough money to invest, it’s the people that do have the money to invest that matter. Good on Dagon for telling it like it is.

  14. The Fed accelerates rates because the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup read: "REDRUM"

  15. That feds have nothing to lose when everybody loses their homes and their cars that piece of paper they initially printed will finally be worth something

  16. Are they trying to collapse the US Dollar 💵 as we know it? Afterall, Joe BRIBE'N just hired a US CURRENCY ZAR that graduated from the same CCP University that the president of CHINA 🇨🇳 GRADUATED FROM…… WTF!!!! TREASON!!!!!!

  17. Outrageous printing continues.
    Outrageous Gubberment spending continues
    2 × 2 is not 5

  18. The question is whether biden is giving out free money blindfolded…
    Can biden control his spending…

    Fed is just cleaning up bidens mess…
    Stop blaming them

  19. Why don't you just raise interest rates 10.percent that will bring down inflation Mr powell

  20. No the Bank of England pull a fed by buying up long term debt! They just had to save their market!

  21. Psychological nothing you can do about it but sit back and get the popcorn and watch the show because you can complain all day and nothing's going to change it (doesn't matter if you vote Republican Democrat because they're all hypocrites and impulsive liars ( politicians never sovle problems they just create more problems

  22. people should not run your mouth about the Fed they should be raising it 100 base points every time they do this it's the only way that we're going to stop or stall the inflation and bring things under control cuz we're Way beyond The tipping point of recession turning into depression the sooner we can get these prices stabilized yes high fed rate hikes will hurt but her it's going to be there anyway it hurt a lot worse if the county keeps on going the way it is right now under Democrat communist rule

  23. No.just responded too late

  24. The fed shouldn't exist and thrives off of inflationary boom bust cycles.

  25. The United States of America has lost 7.6 trillion dollars, Sense the democrats and Joe Biden took over. They're destroying the economy and everyone's money.

  26. So what that guy is saying is until the poor suffer enough and have no money we will keep the rates hi. The democrats have screwed the poor and they are not going to stop screwing them

  27. the feds just doing what theyre told

  28. We need mass layoffs so I can have cheaper stuff. I don't care who goes homeless either.

  29. Global Economy in FREE FALL NOW !!! This is SERIOUS !!!

  30. When the FBI raid the democratic party members, fox new and the republican politicians said the FBI do a very good jobs. When the FBI raid the republican politicians and fox new and the republican politicians call defund The FBI.

  31. The fed is a racket, and people are stupid enough to assume that interest rates control inflation.

    It's not a regime. It's a government operated criminal enterprise.

  32. The Fed is doing this on purpose, they're playing their part in the destruction of America. A BLIND MAN CAN SEE IT !!! BTW, we've been in a recession for at least 8 months now and rapidly heading for a depression.

  33. Be the best at whatever you do.

  34. The fed is a part of the dystopia We are living in.

    There is nothing of tangible value behind the US dollar, and still printing money like water being pumped from the ground.

  35. Add Another Hundred Trillion to the Debt Welcome to Hyperinflation Americans Will Soon be Eating out of Trash Cans Humm who can Tell me What Other Country Citizens are Eating out of Trash Cans and Why? Welcome to America Where the Only food you can Afford for your Children and your Self is Food out of a Trash Can.