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Is the White House ready if China invades Taiwan and Russia invades Ukraine?

Former Pence national security adviser Keith Kellogg says he does not think the White House is prepared on ‘The Evening Edit’
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  1. The us is actually joining China with invading Taiwan

  2. Biden will send in what's her name ….giggles.. and she will someday ,after the Europe trip, look into the root cause and …and …and …..and…?? hay a new first for V.P. 'The first V.P who never did a thing' there were others close but this one is tops.

  3. You need to do some diplomacy. Big time. Ukrainian and Biden have a relationship with the Corp elite over there. China is just a ego threat. We were with them for years upon. Years their own of PROPERTY here we owe China Billions upon Billions. Change the un definition for your ego. Tiwain is apart of china like Cali is apart of the USA.

  4. The current White House Staff isn't ready if they have a toilet overflowing.

  5. I can't see either one from my house , who cares ?

  6. Yes, young America marines are prepare for Taiwan! You just can't beat a country with two mother or two father!

  7. bahahah your going to fight russia and china and north korea and iran at the same time


  9. USA is ready we will teach them about pronouns and Racism until their heads explode no worries we got this , THE MERCENARY Former French Foreign Legion 2 REP Sniper in the Brutal Martial Arts movie now on Amazon prime

  10. The military is not ready , they are more worried about gays could be woman gender and lesbians could be men gender, they are still trying to figure that out,

  11. If Russia AND China were EVER going to plan together, and plan to carry out completing a land grab, THIS is the time for them to do it! Our GOV has NEVER been this poor, on MANY levels!!!!!!! 🙁

  12. If China invades Taiwan and Russia invades Ukraine, US can always invade Afghanistan, again.

  13. But one thing
    We got the wrong people in the White House

  14. America's back. Stabbing your back.
    ‘It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal.’ said Henry Kissinger

    Hasn't Denmark helped the US spy on European allies?
    Should the EU impose sanctions on the US?

    Has Huawei been banned because it hasn't got a backdoor for spying?

    What could the US do to its enemies?
    Isn't that scary?

    Now the penny's begun to drop for Ukraine, Taiwan and Australia that, actually, after having beaten the drums for another war

    both Germany and Russia and China and Russia will be working more closely together.
    China-EU go ahead with the Investment Agreement

  15. Imagine if Afgh*n*st*n had invaded a country for 20 years
    tried to transform it but built nothing
    destroyed and killed 47,000 innocent civilians.
    Then fled in the middle of the night
    leaving behind millions of dollar worth of military equipment
    and abandoned all its allies as it went.

    Doesn’t that country’s withdrawal exposed the hypocritical face of it
    forcing its so-called 'freedom, democracy and human rights’ on others
    and push for regime changes around the world
    has led to conflict, war, terrorism, refugees?

    But at the cost about 2 trillion US dollars
    and more than 2,000 US soldiers' lives,
    thousands coming home with mental health
    that country just could not handle it.
    Isn’t it a portrayal of the current decline in the US' national strength?

    But we’re expected to believe that country has accomplished the mission
    and they should get some credit for ‘ending the war’.

  16. "Ready"??? This Administration isn't planning to react to China aggression. They have promised Xi to look the other way.

  17. CCP and Russia are going to do exactly what they want. Xiben is bought and paid for by Hunter's fund. Funded by the CCP. These are FACTs that the public needs to know.

  18. Afgh*n*st*n war cost America $300 million per day
    more than $ 2.26 trillion for 20 years
    with big bills yet to come for US taxpayers.

    The US has financed the Afghan war with borrowed money.
    ‘interest alone’ – $925 billion has already been paid.
    ‘interest alone’ $6.5 trillion to be paid by 2050.
    That amounts to $20,000 for each and every American.
    And future payments to US veterans.

    ‘All these various costs
    don’t get talked to the American public hears
    about how expensive the war is.’ – War Project at Boston University.

    What country has spent 40% of the combined military budgets of the world,
    creates an ‘enemy’ to indicate to Congress
    they need to increase the military budget by $7 billion
    and send their troops to the Pacific to 'encircle' China.

    Haven’t American been screaming for the government to fix
    education and healthcare system, bridges, tunnels, schools
    but when the Pentagon wasted taxpayers’ money
    there’s no question asked.

  19. You guys are taking down my comments
    That's called censorship!

  20. Wasn’t the real reason why the US invaded Afgh*n*st*n
    to establish a foothold in the heart of the Eurasian continent
    that could then be used to contain China?

    Wasn’t the ongoing war in Afgh*n*st*n
    seen as US ‘irresponsibly’ destabilizing the country and rattling the region?

    Hasn’t the endless war in Afgh*n*st*n
    fostered the radicalization of Muslims in the region
    and directly contributed to the unrest in China’s Xinjiang region?

    What country has spent 40% of the combined military budgets of the world,
    but their Pentagon still indicate to Congress
    they need to increase the military budget by $7 billion
    and send their troops to the Pacific to 'encircle' China.

    Isn't “Cold War and zero-sum mentality”
    that leads to obsessive military superiority?

  21. In fact, I think all military documents need to be rewritten with proper woke pronoun usage. Else, I just don't know how our Woke troops will be able to function properly

  22. All the Military bathrooms need to be relabeled before anyone can be called to duty

  23. Proper Pronoun Usage Training will be the WH priority. And, CRT promotion programs will have to be completed before any alarms can be sounded

  24. Yes, the Whitehouse is just going to let it happen. It's all on purpose

  25. Relax.. Joe can't handle Afghanistan. But he is confident he can handle both Russia and China at the same time. 🙂

  26. China might invade Taiwan but I don't believe Russia would ever invade Ukraine. This whole Russia invasion thing is a hoax.

  27. Mind your own business, you're letting hundred or thousand parents lossing their children in South China Sea or any of the military bases near joke.

  28. Lets go Brandon👹👹👹👹

  29. THIS White House isn't ready if there's a burned out light on the Christmas tree.


  31. These world leaders know how weak Biden is, look how he is destroying America.

  32. Russia & China are trying to take advantage of the fact that they know America doesn't want war so they're trying to invade because they feel that in doing so America will be forced to simply make empty threats and attempt to force sanctions. This all stems from Biden pulling out of Afghanistan causing the USA to appear weak and incapable of backing their threats.

  33. Why USA is interested in territories on the other side of the globe?!

  34. Stop messing with China fix the homeless problem at home first

  35. Hey US…. mind you own business, fix your own country!

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