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Island volcano of Stromboli erupts right in front of tour boat

It was the volcano’s second-recent eruption and scientists warn that further eruptions could cause part of the rock face to break off into the sea and trigger a tsunami.


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  1. This is what's called a "pyroclastic flow", although it appears to just consist of smoke and ash. Humans caught in such a flow will be killed by heat, deadly gases, rocks and ash, and/or the speed at which this can move, which is comparable to a tornado. Such an eruption can kill tens of thousands of people at one time; it has happened. It will undoubtedly happen again too.

  2. Wow the news is getting slower. Saw this on FB days ago

  3. Hello everybody I just want you to know that I’m 30 years old woman and I don’t have no children or babies or a husband and I’m living a happy long lasting life and I’m happier this way. 😃

  4. Italy has 10 aktive Volcanos, this one(Stromboli) is one of the smallest!

  5. How far did that pyroclastic flow travel when those witnessed it on the boat? because it states nothing about people being caught up in it, yet it appeared to be traveling toward them.Stromboli is considered one of the more benign eruptions but this looks like it is living up to the typical analysis of the subduction volcano that it is. (north western side of the African plate colliding with the Eurasian plate?)

  6. This is what you call movies in real life

  7. You wanna know how the planet’s doing? (…) How about those people in Kilauea, Hawaii who built their homes right next to an active volcano and then wonder why they have lava in the living room.

    "Quer saber como o planeta está indo? Pergunte àquelas pessoas em Kilauea, Hawaii, que constroem suas casas ao lado de um vulcão ativo, aí se perguntam porque tem lava entrando pela sala… "

    (George Carlin)

  8. Great story and images! 🙂 Stromboli is a gem. I've been eating on a boat right next to that beautiful island, several years ago. It's so beautiful in the Aeolian islands. Please work on your pronunciation though. It's pronounced STROHM-bohlee. With the emphasis on the the STROHM part. The 'bohlee' part is pronounced, trailing off, pretty quickly said. So, instead of saying stromBOH-lee. Think: STROHM-bohlee. Thanks

  9. These comments needs to wake up. In Indonesia, it's quite a norm here.

  10. "Killing one hiker" thats one unlucky man

  11. I've always wanted to live on a Volcanic island

  12. Mess with mother nature..that's what you get…

  13. Why did this take so long to hit mainstream? Slackers.

  14. Good thing theres plenty of water to poop in… 😳

  15. 3 things I want to see before I DIE. A tornado and a volcano and my brother cook. I think the aliens will come and bigfoot will start playing volkeyball on the beach before my brother cooks

  16. Now imagine if this happens to the Yellowstone super volcano.

  17. Surely it's not the focus here, but if anyone wants to know the correct pronunciation is Stròmboli with accent on the first o

  18. It only looks bad, in reality, the eruption did not move much into the water before it stopped.

  19. Reminds me of the Centorini eruption and tsunami that brought the end to the bronze age.

  20. So it’s an island named after an Italian dish

  21. Thank you ABC news for those tourists be safe

  22. This is such a good example of the hysteric style of american news the raised voice full of fearful urgency, highlighting everything that makes it sound more dangerous ("screaming on the boat" "DANGEROUS, VIOLENT," etc.) – I saw another video before that just showed the video without the fear mongering narration and its a whole other thing – of course you also hear the yells and its tense but a lot less hysteric.. its so annoying

  23. Bible said so so near for Jesus Christ to come

  24. end of civilization are coming slowly slowly

  25. Thanks for the sensationalist intro and massive caption. I don't think I would have appreciated the impressiveness of a huge volcanic eruption without it.

  26. Holy shit they're not living on an island they're living on the valcano 😂 the houses were damnear at the starting point of the valcanos formation. Anyone who stays is nuts.

  27. Just happy its not some angry White guy this time. Thanks nature. Now everyone go back to hating

  28. To much …….. we need to pray and always remember God and thanks 🙏 him that you are still alive god bless all the wonderful world 🌎

  29. Wait until vesuvius blows up bye bye Naples

  30. Its like exactly how u see on a movie scary😟

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