Israel passes law shielding Netanyahu from being removed as prime minister

Israel’s protests continue to grow after the country’s parliament passed a law that would make it nearly impossible to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu from office as he faces corruption charges. NBC’s Raf Sanchez reports from Tel Aviv on the complaints that he is destroying the nation’s democracy. 

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  1. I guess dictatorship is contiguous in the Middle East

  2. Israel becomes more and more like its neighbours. That's what you irony.

  3. Sounds like a Donald Trump

  4. May Allah protect him and bestow him with his blessings!

  5. Is Netanyahu the next Hitler? Is karma catching up with Israel?

  6. Hitler has returned for the rest of the Jews. MAGA.

  7. Legislation similar to what despot regimes such Arab Syria, Islamic Iran and even Russia possess and have passed. Israel's shift to democratic-hating principles is advancing quickly. Israel is quickly becoming what its own enemies declare it to be. Fascist, immoral and inherently and naturally undemocratic.

  8. What's wrong with the world now? Why we keep getting one dictator after another

  9. Israeli policy/legislation has officially gone crazy.

  10. Far-right politics are a cancer on the planet

  11. He is proposing to reduce power of judges and their appointment to be under the government which would allow him to appoint judges that work for him. Also he has passed law under which Attorney General can't remove him if corruption charges against him are proven in court.

  12. Israel was a mistake.

  13. Jews only care about their Democracy.. Not the native Palestinians. Remember this… Judaism is not an ethnicity, It is a religious death cults, the same as Christianity & Islam. Made up, out of thin air. Furthermore, Anyone can become a Jew, anyyyyy one… The people protesting. Voted for Netanyahu. Israel is an illegal state, and has never, ever, been a democracy.

  14. Looks familiar looks like putin

  15. Well that went from Democracy to Dictatorship fast.

  16. So bibi thinks he won't suffer the wrath of his own people?????
    And how many times does Israel have to be conquered before History Rings in his tiny brain ?????
    Yup ….Petra is in Jordan.
    I know I get along better with Arabs. Jfyi.
    Says A Actual Roman S.P.Q.R. Male🇮🇹.

  17. Looks like the world is had enough of their politicians not looking after it own people interest. I have to say it maybe time for a new change from the people in power.

  18. If one reads the 2 bibles, then the Israeli nation would be gone because of the fluid life in that piece of land. People still doesn't know who would be the Messiah return to jerusalem, which is now the Israeli capital. It's exactly what the 2 bibles describe the unfolding history. The ancient bible writers did not know how the world would be like today.

  19. How can this be possible? So called leaders going crazy all around the world!!

  20. End far right apartheid Israel, decolonize Palestine now.

  21. One man rule needs to end in this world. Most of the wars and injustices in our world come from nations ruled by 1 person.

  22. So far as I have seen, Prime Minister Netanyahu is lauded by loyalists of God and reviled by those who stray. As Israel is a religious estate and he a good man, he must do everything in his power to strike down any deviation; any goyam.

    Long live Israel, and long should it enjoy his hand at Lord's Rule.

  23. The Jews forgetting God's way and serving an absolute monarch, what's new.. Been happening since 3000 years ( :

  24. Good, let them fight amongst themselves. 🎉😂🎉

  25. i think more and more young israelis will leave israel causing a BRAIN DRAIN, they should come to australia, the US, Canada, NZ and start a new life instead of living there, the wages in israel are terrible anyway, im a cab driver in australia, i make more than a doctor in israel, lol

  26. he is now a dictator, whats next will he call himself a king of israel? will he order shin beit to arrest his political opponents? this is how MUGABE and CASTRO got into power, its unbelievable

  27. Another Dictator? Major shocker. Every country in the world is going this Way. Satan smiling spreads his wings.👹

  28. That makes him a dictator.

  29. this is outright disguising

  30. Ooooooooooh boy. Israel really isn’t doing itself a whole lot of favors lately, is it? SmH

  31. LOL That's what happens when you vote in a totalitarian fascist. It isn't like nobody knew what he was. No sympathy for Israelis.

  32. Netanyahu is turning Israel into Iran.

  33. I would like to see Netanyahu and the zionists being hit by A cyclone b

  34. At this point it sounds like the world is ready for another world war (or a civil war)

  35. Putin and Xi's brother (Netanyahu)✌🏻😅 give power to people. Stop bloodshed in Gaza