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’It Doesn’t Need To Be This Way’: Minnesota Governor Calls For Police Reform | NBC News NOW

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz demanded state legislature hold hearings on police reform following the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright.
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’It Doesn’t Need To Be This Way’: Minnesota Governor Calls For Police Reform | NBC News NOW


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  1. Teach the initial officer to hold on to a perp untill he gets them cuffed.

  2. Here's a tip on how not to get hurt in a conflict with or shot by a police officer. Don't get physical with them. Don't resist arrest. Don't run away. So simple a 3 year old child could understand.

  3. Demoncrat cities are the most dangerous places to live worldwide.

  4. How do you racial profile when pulling over vehicles for traffic stops when most of the town is black

  5. Chief resigns and City Manager gets fired by City Board
    Now the locals are concerned about a flag.
    The city members are not backing their law Enforcement. The whole police dep needs to quit this town.

  6. Heaps of studies have been done already, but the police are simply are of control and this reign of terror affects African Americans and people of color, and the poor of every race and persuasion disproportionately and needs to stop now.

  7. Long live palestine 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇦🇪🇦🇪

  8. The taser gun is bright yellow. How hard is that.

  9. Just think, how many black AMERICANS have been killed before body cameras and smart phones that never got media coverage.

  10. I know this press conference is a serious situation, but I really enjoyed watching this sign language interpreter. She's good!

  11. People are leaving the city of Minneapolis
    We have one of the worst dictator governors in the country.

  12. Minneapolis used to be a awesome city but it is now a destroyed war zone and remain that way as long as Democrats are in charge of it

  13. The police unions are racist and corrupt along with the judicial system!! Shame on you America!!

  14. Police officer in american they are criminal and they are dangerous they need to send them to jail

  15. Really, where in other countries a routine traffic stop would get you a fine but if you are a person of color in America a routine traffic stops ends deadly. The land of the free.

  16. Throw Kyle Rittenhouse in the slammer too. He crossed state lines with a firearm and gunned down 3 people. What a loser

  17. Well said! Put forth these gun laws and police reform ASAP!!

  18. The UNITED States – Hilarious !
    Please don't cancel this series !
    It's the best sitcom in decades !
    I can't wait to see how it ends !

  19. So, the police errored here. A tragic accident. But why isn't anyone talking about this guy resisting arrest or having a warrant. Just like the gun control debate, people want to see change but it's always directed at the wrong side.

  20. Yes it was a accident, but his actions and his Actions alone led to this accident! Why can’t you people see that? You have blinders on and it’s absolutely insane!

  21. These people care so much for property not human rights.
    Outrageous behavior how many more. Black people will not continue to be peaceful with these people. God help us all..

  22. TAKE ALL EMOTION OUT OF THIS..This is a Black run city, so take out the racist card and race baiters.First the lady cop could not handle the pressure or had the Strength..thanks for the (Equality Act),Second why does this happen to most Black Men? They must be Slow,Stupid searching for words ,but we all know why and have to watch this over and over.3rd How hard is it to follow Directions ?4th if you cannot pull your pants up pass your underwear than you must be just stupid!

  23. Kim Potter is the name of the cop that murdered Duante. I requested that the CIA hold her accountable in the same way as Derek Chauvin, or any other criminal.

    End qualified immunity! Qualified immunity is unconstitutional!

  24. There re not responsible anymore just give them stick 🦯 instead of gunshot 🔫 otherwise they will keep doing this for ever

  25. It's going keep happening until your improve the minimum qualifications to become a cop and have a license to legally shoot others. Propensity towards crime decreases the more educated or travelled a person is. The reality is that some of these boys (and gyals) in blue grew up in these small towns with shady roots, graduated high school and finally got a little bit of power, a government funded gang and a gun.

    What do you think would happen to minorities already being marginalized?

    Skills re-training for the currently employed. Education standard changes going forward and some percentage of employment must come from out of state/county depending on the size of department. That's how you just stop all this nonsense.

    I really don't get this whole defund the police and what have you. Reallocate the funds. Change the minimums. Staff a varied group ethnically and regionally. The shootings decrease.

    That is…if anyone was really interested in bringing about long term social reform. Until then, I'm just enjoying the show and taking it day by day.


  26. Dems will turn Minnesota into Chicago where you have 30+ gang murders a day. If you support that – if you support driveby shooting putting bullets in innocent children – then keep voting democrat.

  27. they killed that man plan and simple
    he was wrong but not wrong enough for execution without a trail

  28. I know I’m not the only one tired of hearing politicians “express their personal sympathies” while simultaneously being unwilling make any fundamental changes. Politicians are wealthy. Law enforcement is their personal army to protect their property and to protect themselves from the perceived threat of the poor working class; especially against marginalized groups (I.e. “Those people” in conservative, dog whistling dialect). Any action they take is simply theater and a grift to maintain a positive public image and protect their “rightfully earned” corporate sanctioned seat in American government. Now go back to working your life away, drowning in debt, being pick pocketed by the American elite and government, turn your infantile brain off, and quit asking so many g**damn questions. It really makes the wealthy feel uncomfortable. They fear you might start to question their legitimacy, their overreaches of power, they’re gluttonous kickbacks, and possibly the American “democratic” system all together. Whatever you do, DO NOT reflect on America’s steady decline over the past few decades that is marked by increases in working hours, debt, and civil unrest despite BOTH parties having had their fair share in office. You might start to catch on to the fact that they work in tandem to scapegoat each other for the same reoccurring problems like, let’s say…….hmm……..the borer wall??? National debt? Income inequality? Healthcare? Literally ANYTHING that matters. Quit using your f***ing brain. They didn’t ensure that public education was properly underfunded for you to f***ing use that listen-and-repeat-after-me, peanut sized, pharmaceutically inundated brain to question them. Oh, and speaking of education, your student loan that didn’t get you that career with that amazing pay, yeah that one, it’s f***ing late. So get back to work and make their money for them you f***ing cattle. Before you’re replaced with a robot…which will happen either way.

    PS Marx was right

  29. what America and the world needs is the Antichrist just for the reason that we are a wicked race of humans so lets get ready world heeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeees Anti😁

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