Tuesday , August 3 2021
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‘It Has To Stop’: 2020 Candidates React To Odessa, Texas, Shooting | NBC News Now

After a shooting in Odessa and Midland, Texas, that left seven people dead and 22 wounded, Democratic presidential candidates sounded off on what needs to be done on the state of firearms in the U.S.
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‘It Has To Stop’: 2020 Candidates React To Odessa, Texas, Shooting | NBC News Now


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  1. they honestly dont understand its not hard gettin a gun in the streets changin laws aint gun do shi

  2. Deceiving Democrats are bribed by the Cabal !!!!

  3. This shooter was. 2 time felon and was not allowed to purchase or own a gun but got one anyways

  4. October 22-24 1941 in Odessa Soviet Russia now Ukraine was the location of a Holocaust of Jews where they were gunned down by the Nazis. The Nazi Party has morphed into with the Democratic party after WW2 to fight Communist expansion. I find it funny and bizarre how most mass shootings have historical ties or are connected to recent or upcoming events such as the Parkland massacre home of the eagles names after marjory stoneman douglas who was born in the city the Superbowl was held and hosted the Patriots and Eagles.

    Odessa mass shooting is the government staging an event to remove weapons from the public the same way Nazi's did, through propaganda

  5. just like these rats to once again to use this as a platform to spew lies about taking away our 2nd Amendment and making gun owners the bad guys again,the shooter got the gun illegally but you will never hear them talk about going after the one who sold it to him illegally

  6. These Democrats don't care about saving lives, they care about controlling them.

  7. Seth Aaron Ator… Registered Democrat. Hated Trump and Ted Cruz. Oh
    yeah… He was also Jewish and a felon who obtained the gun illegally.
    There goes your "white supremacist" narrative. Another crazy Liberal shooting innocent unarmed people.

  8. OH Boy, the weakest argument ever.

    A good guy with a gun don't stop a bad guy with a gun??? So did the police stop him with a hard bread stick? Do they even think before talking?

    Or do they actually know how easy they can manipulate their followers with factual incorrect nonsense!?

    How many people killed in that Walmart actually had a gun on them? That's a rhetorical question…. obviously….

  9. Beto turn in all your cars and stop having armed security and I'll see if you pass my background check

  10. You fken PukeAhCrats are going to start a war. You PukeAhCrats put Fa*ggots like this O'Dork on the stump to push the Anti 2nd amendment agenda, it's not going to work.

  11. My fully SEMI automatic 223/556 disagrees. Lol

  12. Don’t let them take away ur gun right

  13. Americans please don’t pretend to be ignorant of who actually governs your country ; the fact is you guys have no clue as to who and how will take on the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that Puppetises your political parties be it the Repubs or the Dems….

  14. Funny how they don't say the same thing about AIPAC Israel lobby that keeps Americans in war in middle east to serve Israel

  15. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens and infringing on their 2nd amendment rights because a criminal murdered people is like deleting everyone’s Facebook page and taking away their first amendment right because a criminal was recruiting for isis on his Facebook page. Why can’t you understand that we don’t deserve punishment for someone else’s crime?

  16. Beto O Roark…changed his name to attract the Mexican vote. I wouldn't Vote for this Dumb turd smeller or the rest of these Nut Job Commies! You will never disarm the American Law abiding citizens of our Republic ! A R 15s are not military grade weaponry ! You and the rest of the Lefties want to do away with our Second Amendment Rights and confiscate our guns ? (Buy back demands) Our guns were never sold to us by your so called government… So you can't buy them back Beto fake mexican !

  17. We have too many guns? How about, We have too many mentally ill people in America. Work on that and get back to me.

  18. I am appalled at the ignorance and persistence of the gun
    grabbers. Exactly what is your solution? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it
    again, “There is no legitimate argument for gun control.” When you socialist
    idiots eliminate deaths due to drug overdoses, automobile accidents, vaccines,
    medical malpractice, starvation and everything else then maybe we can talk.
    There is not a single P.O.S. within the confines of government who cares who
    lives or who dies; they only want to remove any resistance to their tyranny.
    These so called mass shooters are Manchurian candidates (mind controlled
    killers). Prove me wrong.

  19. Hey beto! Look at me don't look at the ground!

  20. 25 shot, 7 dead in Chicongo this weekend, not a word from DemocRATS or the Media.

  21. BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WA…..oops….crickets…..

  22. George Mason, co-author of the 2nd amendment:
    "I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people"
    "To disarm the people, that is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

    The NCVS (administered by the BJS) has estimated 60,000 to 120,000 defensive uses of guns per year.

  24. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime's International Homicide Statistics database,
    The United States ranks 83rd in intentional homicides per 100,000 people.
    The media hype about mass shootings exists ONLY to scare you into giving up your constitutional rights.

  25. The more republican dislikes the more i love it😜😜😜!!!!

  26. the Js and the democrats working together to fake events and take your rights!!!!!! wake up!

  27. Americans have had easy access to guns since our founding, access to guns did not change, we did.  Ask yourself why our society changed so much to the point our youth are gunning down their peers.  If you are intellectually honest you will agree with most if not all of these reasons:

    1.     The removal of our moral compass in schools and society
    2.      Teaching our children life is an accident and there is no real meaning or purpose
    3.      Broken Families
    4.      Drug abuse, legal and illegal
    5.      Violence in movies and video games
    6.      Children being put on psychotropic drugs
    7.      Children living on their phones and being socially isolated

  28. Presidential candidates stop having armed security then I’ll believe you!

  29. At 0:12 sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈😵

  30. More guns law don't mean squat , Texas will NVR come off it's guns , for any reason.

  31. Bernie, said it too, “There ought to be a Law”! Correction: Idiots!

  32. It will never stop unless you ban guns, and take away the guns in circulation which will never happen. America has opened a pandora's box it can't close. No matter how much gun control is passed, unhinged, hateful, angry lunatics will get their hands on guns illegally and go on a shooting spree.

  33. Trash news. Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers. Zero belivebal news

  34. America will go to war in a minute for a drop of oil but does nothing when Americans blood is being spilled all across our nation because of guns.

  35. Joe ,tell 100 million Americans they can’t have their AR15 good luck. I’m sure you guys are involved with these shootings some how and you have to stop! Mind control is a fact!

  36. Take my God given right, and see what happens!

  37. Russia’s ‘Nuclear Titanic’ Floating Power Plant Is Setting Sail Toward Alaska.

  38. For me, beto is a try hard now :/

  39. Here they come like a flock of sheep… let our community heal before you turn it into one of your talking points to try and get elected. The killer here had already been denied an application to own a gun. You think he would have brought his guns and given them to you… no

  40. Gee, how do we detect the cause, and prevent these random retaliatory strikes. Humans who are being imprisoned, and believe that their only path to relief/freedom is destruction of their enemy, will strike with maximum force, and without warning, in every case.

  41. Estimated 40,000 deaths in automobile accidents in 2018, don't see them screaming for car control/banning.

  42. Never trust a person who cant look you in the eyes and Beto always talks to the ground haha

  43. The problem is America needs to stop raising their children to be cry baby’s and raise them to be men all these guys that do mass shootings is because there losers and are crying because the world doesn’t give hand outs

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