It is a regime of systemic criminal supremacy: Paige Willey

Former White House political affairs special assistant Paige Willey and WSJ columnist Kim Strassel weigh in on top issues ahead of the midterm elections on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. and you wonder why Americans are turning off the NFL. vote Republican in November America

  2. I have to vote out democrat or lose the United States of America

  3. That’s the boat out the Democrats or lose the United States of America

  4. Never vote democrats again

  5. Patty Murray is a crook, Tiffany Smiley has my vote, Olympic Peninsula voter, we need law and order in Washington State

  6. Larry has been a rock of common -sense and wisdom in a time of turmoil and Marxist deceit.

  7. Man missed a pistol shot and didnt end the video -_-

  8. Larry Kudlow is an inspiration and great guy.

  9. They can overcome anything with mail in ballots

  10. If Trump was President in 2003, the Iraq war wouldn't had happened.

  11. I love this man. He is soo much more than what he speaks. One to always listen to him he speaks and acts the truth. Love you Mr Kudlow. And thank you

  12. Washington St is definitely corrupt online

  13. Murry needs to go… she has done nothing for our state

  14. This would be an absolute slaughter of the Democrats in the upcoming elections were it not for the Republicans’ predilection for perennially shooting themselves in the foot over abortion. But, that is the main issue that perennially gets the Republicans the vote from evangelicals, so…

  15. My entire family is voting straight conservative for America First candidates only 🇺🇲.

  16. why do you keep using rhetoric commonly used in dictatorship governments? it's not pretty, considering that the States is one of the most democratic places in the world. not having the same vision as the other party does not mean your opposition is a regime.

  17. The stakes are always high when it comes to controlling the peons.

  18. Of course, any normality is better than global insanity! The time is right for confrontations when "having' is trying to swallow 'being'. It is indispensable for Humanism to win: all the power associated with competitive sports and personal achievements are to enter the fields where actions take place. This should not be linked with illegal proceeds, as per woke followers. Confrontation is positive with a capacity to step in and out of it: win-win only occurs when a wider picture gets embraced. It is appreciated that challenging anti Government commenrts are prominent at present, but if they persist after a victory, it is only the beginning of another cycle of political ping pong games. We should see aims and purposes to be part of a genuine campaign followed up by meeting commitments. Politics have never been a science and this is demonstrated now more than ever since the pulse of Nations can be felt and investigated at the touch of a keyboard.

  19. The dems are creating "emergencies" to bypass democracy. They call everyone out for being a threat to democracy as they are the threat. FO Scum bags,