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IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME // Fashion Mumblr Vlogs

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What I’m Wearing:
Sports bra –
Leggings –
Adidas trainers –​
(US) Adidas trainers –​
Flower embroidered jumper –​
(US) Flower embroidered jumper –
Barbour jacket (similar) –​​​​​​​
(US) Barbour jacket (similar) –​
Dr Martens –
Edge of Ember necklace –
Zip knit –
(US) Zip knit –

Green Flash LED Manicure Set – – Use code JOSIE15 for 15% off!
No7 x AllBright ‘Unstoppable Together’ –

Get £10 off Bloom & Wild with code JOSIE15 here –

Net-a-Porter dresses:
White tiered dress –
(US)White tiered dress –
Lilac dress –
(US) Lilac dress –
Gingham dress –
(US) Gingham dress –
Floral maxi dress –
(US) Floral maxi dress –

Sandro dress –
LOEWE belt –​
(US) LOEWE belt –​

Dr Vranjes Milano diffuser –

L’Occitane shampoo bar –

Youth To The People cleanser –

Oath Home –

Lick paint – armchair –

Elemis 5 piece Pro Collagen set –

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  1. The Sandro dress is stunning on you …. by far my favourite … although the gingham dress is really beautiful as well

  2. As a small business owner I both applaud and sigh with the multitasking. You are a hard worker and that stands out in your work.

  3. Love your soft , feminine syle.

  4. I love the pink gingham dress. So elegant and you wear it so well!

  5. Loved the video Josie! You won’t believe it, but I actually live in the same village as the cottage and have friends that used to live in Strawtop cottage itself about 10 years ago! Couldn’t help but recognise it, in the last vlog! What a small world and a lovely village if I do say so myself!!!

  6. Hi Josie, I love the Sandro dress because it’s something that is not similar to any other dress you have, and exaggerates your curves beautifully. The length is also perfect. I find with all the other long dresses it’s very restrictive to where you can wear it. This dress you can dress up or down, wear any type of shoe or sandal or even white sneakers if you have to run about. ❤️🇨🇦

  7. Josie, excuse me for possibly not a very modest comment, but with such fine figure )in whole) and legs (in particular), the last sage-colored dress is made exactly for you😍 100 out of 100!

  8. Hi Josie, the dresses you showed – although lovely – don't suit the corporate environment I work in. Would you please consider showing us more work wear, like you did in the past? I love your style and I miss your recommendations…

  9. Julia Berolzheimer has the pink gingham dress and it looks lovely on both of you X

  10. The dresses are just lovely!!

  11. Hello dolly pop !! It’s such a pain when you want to do one thing but your body says “ awww… isn’t that cute… “ and then refuses to get with the program. You have adorable feet! I had septic shock 7 years ago and lost my toes on my left foot and the tips of my toes on my right foot. My big toe on my right foot is the only big toe that I have and I adore it every day. I love a good cottage core ANYTHING, THAT PINK GINGHAM DRESS! It has major 1930s vibes. That sleeve became very popular at the turn of the century into the Edwardian period. As we all know, fashion comes back… right around 1935ish it came back. Just prior to the war and rationing it was everywhere. The queen Mum had a few dresses by Norman Heartnel that had that sleeve. What I would give to have you in my chair and give you a true 1930s makeover. I’d just die. When you showed the 2 chest of drawers my first thought was oh … that room where the always have packages would be perfect ( chef kiss) .I’m trying so hard not to nerd out about history things. But I adore social history.. shampoo started off in a bar and switched to bottles in the 50s. I I’ll resist any more. Our stamps have all kinds things on them. Sometimes presidents, sometimes flowers, or tea cups or the US flag. I did ask this the other day on one of your vlogs from last year but, has Charlie sorted out the big green egg yet? We replaced ours with a new grill. It’s a different brand but the same type of grill. I’ll be quiet now. Much love from Salt Lake City.

  12. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Love sundays with Josie!

  14. Sandro dress is beautiful on you! 💓💐

  15. The lilac dress and the floral off-the-shoulder dress are keepers for sure 💜

  16. The floral dress en the Sandro dress are My Fav.💖♥️💖👗💃🙋🏼‍♀️😘

  17. You have settled into country life as though you were born to it. Youe life seems much more interesting and fulfilling than when you were a city gal.

  18. i think it is a young banyan tree! (in the rabbit pot!)

  19. The PR dress looks amazing on you. Love the shorter dresses on you, makes you look young and fresh.

  20. 👍🏻now, watch later🛁🍸

  21. I don't even know why I always want to garden after watching your vlogs… I don't even have a garden 😂
    Loving the home updates ❤️❤️❤️

  22. I love your positive outlook on life and I would really love alot more fashion content from you, my darling!😘☀️

  23. I may have missed it in a previous vlog of your’s… but did you mention why you call your mother Lala? x

  24. did something smash?? lol

  25. 💖✨💖✨💖

  26. Pls keep the lilac one Josie!

  27. Keep making long Videos and show the farm house . I’m in love of all the places you go and love your patio 💝💖

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