It ‘won’t be long’ before Target gets hit with class-action lawsuits, says Elon Musk #short

Industry leaders and CEOs Elon Musk and Kevin O’Leary have warned that Target may soon face legal action for destruction of shareholder value.

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  1. Target: stop just stop.

  2. Their chasing after small minority groups at the cost of their majority base that pays the bills.
    Are they stupid?

  3. Sell your stock now, You can't fix stupid!

  4. complete failure and elimination of anything and any corporation pushing the woke and queer agenda cannot be quick enough or harsh enough also I don't believe it will because most Americans no longer stand for anything moral, and or just only what brings convenience and comfort that is exactly how and why america has fallen there is little left of men who choose to honor GOD and country very few

  5. Don't these companies see what happened to Bud Light. Duh.

  6. Make go woke go broke the business motto of the year

  7. Why is simple every day Run-of-the-mill common sense so uncommon? Go woke go broke. Just ask Anheuser Busch.

  8. GO WOKE——-GO BROKE !!!!!

  9. If the gays can make Karens put down the budlite at target & go for the coors at Kroger then they can drive them to Walmart for the miller lite then to save alot for the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Gunna end up with 40's from arabmart because you overwhelmed yourself with gayness trying not to talk about guns.

  10. We need to push back against ESG scores for businesses – or just have more brave, private businesses that don’t care about ESG scores.

  11. The sooner the better. Corporations are not to express political or social views.its not their purpose.

  12. depends on if it was intentional or just a poor decision choice. considering bud light took that leap prior too the target follow seems more on the intention side of the fence.

  13. so we listen to the guy that ruined twitter……………….ok

  14. I had suggested similar law suits for WalMart
    and Dick's sporting goods. After a series of shootings on WalMart property, woke CEO
    McMillan decided to withhold product from his customer base. No violence was caused by a blue light special on shotgun shells. Dick's got woke and stopped selling firearms. certainly they have
    a right to drop items as they wish. But then Dick's
    broadcasted their wokeness by contracting
    anti-second amendment lobbyists to attack our
    constitution. I liked the Walter Hagen line of golf accessories, but I can't bring myself to fund my enemy. I use to average two visits a week to WalMart. Now i average two or three visits per year.

  15. Target funded a group to tear down my Rushmore and anti white groups! Anti American target your children!

  16. Diversity is obviously not a strength. It causes nothing but division and ACTUAL racial discrimination!!

  17. Simple common sense it should be obvious 😢 so sad to watch these brain washed people they don’t seem to be able to think for themselves 😢😢😢😢😢

  18. What are these diversity mandates and who is trying to enforce them on businesses?

  19. how hasn't this been done with Disney??? Seriously

  20. Play to the minority and the majority goes elsewhere.

  21. I can’t believe Fox News is being allowed to report on this.

  22. they should open their own places of business. Do your own business!

  23. If the lbgtq community is at a whooping 7.1% in the United States… what makes you think the 92.9% of us Americans will accept to drink your perverted cool aid.

  24. $$$$ is their God, hit them where it hurts!!

  25. Good they never should’ve done LGTB and trans crap!!!!! Sue target!!

  26. I want to know when Nike gets taken down!

  27. Why did target hire a satanist?

  28. Guess which company I will NOT be going to, to make purchases?

  29. Honey the man lost 33 billion dollars Elon musk has some nerve criticizing someone else 😂


  31. Nobody likes the LGBTQ community

  32. I said they are doing it on purpose

  33. When are we going to have schizophrenia day where's the schizophrenia flag 1 mental illness is just as important as another

  34. Excellent video, yes sue the living hell out of these Marxist queer lunatics 👍

  35. I'm never going to Target or Kohls and I will never drink Another Bud Light or a Coca-Cola and I will never go to Disneyland or any other WOKE company….😡