Tuesday , November 24 2020
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It's going to be a 'skinny' deal with China: Dennis Gartman

The Gartman Letter editor and publisher Dennis Gartman discusses China trade negotiations, the stock market and the impact of impeachment.

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  1. Typical American Businessman…..only thing that matters is “trade agreements”….to hell with the slave labor in China, to hell with Hong Kong….. to hell with organ harvesting……great strategic thinking!!!!!

  2. The I word is a hoax witchhunt
    Called a coup
    And punishable by law


  4. The smart money is still on a " No Deal" deal with the clever Chinese and the idiot Trump. China has been aware of Trump and his different scams since the beginning of Trump's unwise threats, tariffs, bans and sanctions. They are all very negative actions that have worked to prevent a deal, but only failure.


  6. The dems just can’t stand the idea of America getting anywhere while Trump is at the helm. We could get so much done if the democrats just did there jobs.

  7. Xi us hedging hoping Trump is replaced

  8. Chinese are holding off trade deals till 2020 election results. If Democrats win its back to robbing America. If Trump gets in they are GONNA PAY BIG. FOR HOLD OUT. Piglosi and her butt kissers have gone behind the President to negotiate with China.

  9. There no impeachment. Stop saying fake news

  10. China is a world problem.

  11. I'm 40 years old and how will game stop survive without China ? I will be devastated without my games

  12. It doesn't look as if there is going to be ANY deal with China. Trump should increased tariffs by 5% EVERY MONTH.

  13. How does he know what Trump will accept?

  14. Does anyone think that President Trump is going to let the Chinese make promises and not keep them? He already hiked trade taxes for Germany and France if im not mistaken….Why wouldn't he hold China accountable like he has other countries?

  15. Hello…..was warned, US companies to get out of China, and then recently to get out of Chiness stocks…….so what if the dow is down? Nothing to do with fake empeachment !!!

  16. "Let's make a trade. NBA for Hong Kong."

    2019- Thomas Alexander

  17. The guy cannot even pronounced the Chinese leaders name correctly.

  18. If we TRUST GOD the Biblical Creator God is whom I’m referring too… then OUR Nation AMERICA have NOTHING to FEAR…..do your own biblical history research….. just saying

  19. Give that man another drink.

  20. China is not interested and not in a hurry to get a win-lose deal under US maximum pressure.

  21. There is no real impeachment. The House must VOTE to actually move forward. They refuse to vote because it won't be in their favor. (Pelosi/Shirt)

  22. Thank. I enjoyed the program today. I started a YouTube channel about flea markets & Garage sale buys in Pennsylvania

  23. If I hear the words soy beans again I'm jumping.

  24. Skinny deal, Skinny repeal. Weak sauce.

  25. Daily joke:

    Mr.Morey will stand with Hong Kong rioters until Houston built the subway.( Hong Kong rioters fire on subway ,but there's no subway to burn in Houston.XD)

  26. Go big or go home
    bye bye china come back when your ready to deal with an American President,. If not keep your china junk and sell it elsewhere

  27. If everyone would stop attacking our President, things would probably be easier

  28. We get a skinny deal thanks to empty democrat impeachment inquiry. Democrats are party over the people and do nothing for minorities unless you are illegally here…

  29. I bet the dems are pushing impeachment so China dosent have to make a deal with trump

  30. The market should do fine with respect to impeachment nobody in their right mind believes it will happen or even come close.
    Trump 2020♾

  31. Yah give me Biden and you can have the same deal as Turkey. Taiwan!

  32. Why is Fox News saying possible impeachment of President Trump? The House of Representatives has not even voted on impeachment? Is Fox News fake news?

  33. Shouldn't do a deal with PRC. It should be annexed by the Republic of China first, in which case a new deal won't be necessary.

  34. China will continue to stall until the next election, mark my words.

  35. Lets not talk about you few million braggert.

  36. Why do Americans do business with dictators? Do Americans encourage authoritarian regime? Or is it just the money we ever care about?

  37. China is a kleptocracy. If the civilized world considered all debts to China paid in full, due to their intellectual property theft and cybercrime; their whole country would collapse.

  38. He's wants rates to stay for his international investments.

  39. As an investor/trader, at this point, any kind of a deal is a good deal. I don't expect a final deal. But I do think some kind of interim deal will happen.

  40. Never should have snuggled up with Red China. Never.

  41. “Not anywhere close to being nuked” 1:17 . Yes he corrects it. But now why would that be a word in his mind that just floating around in there.

  42. As soon as this guy put in a good word for CNN…I stopped watching. CNN is pure garbage.

  43. Dear TV People, I am watching these TV battles and question myself; how come that left propaganda runs people's mind and spin it the way they want? I found out that in reality
    republican media works along with propaganda media. Every time, you guys, pronounce the I- word, you doing a great favor to democrats helping them to develop their agenda against Donald
    J.Trump. The key of their success over republican media in this; you are echoing after them their most important key-word, while they, (propaganda media,) never return the favor. Simply,
    they NEVER come down to discuss republican thoughts. Also, you scare to call events by real names, a COUP, instead of "impeachment"and say it out loud so, every American can hear it.

  44. old GOAT—— and that does not mean greatest of all time, in this case.

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