It’s just the matter of having the political will to do it: Mary O’Grady

Fox News contributor Mary O’Grady discusses the House GOP introducing a bill to crack down on COVID fraud on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. Cant they just print more money ?
    How about send everyone 1 million in cash ?

  2. Ahomeless man ask for money he to jail they ask it is the lawthey are the beggers

  3. Just Wondering: since when do we to pander to political will in preventing fraud? How about a bill that states if your records are I such a manner that fraud is determined,your future government allocations will be reduced by your percentage of fraud determined on current distributions. How that for political will?

  4. Look in Nancy Pelosi's account, (or those connected to her) you'll find some of it.

  5. Not to mention hospital committing fraud in the covid supplication in order to elevate the overwhelming burden on hospitals which eventually has eased, but because there is so much money still out there they don't want it to stop.

  6. Parents and boomers against the socialist groomers democrats

  7. If they cant get unemployment money right how are we supposed to believe they can get a election right

  8. How did Biden get so rich so fast?

  9. Across the board if you follow any money authorized by Congress, Huge portions disappear into unknown pockets. Someone stole 7 B$ of Zelensky’s 40B$.

  10. The Republican-led state of Mississippi has the highest per capita COVID-19 deaths in the nation. US states with the highest mortality rate are the Republican-led states of West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio and Indiana.

  11. How do you think the Left is paying for all those illegals?!

  12. Moron Trump’s faults for letting all these frauds to happen

  13. My husband was actually unemployed during Covid and never received his unemployment benefits. Lucky for him he had me

  14. Iowa governor returned government funds for schools because our schools were still in session, unlike rest or country "Funds unspent" republican governor.

  15. What happened to the U.S 163,000,000,000?

  16. “A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon, you’re talking about real money.” 😎🇺🇸👌

  17. Well you can't utilize that money for schools because you can't invest in any corporations here so they can get a positive return for a consistent flow of cash to help these schools with security or anything else

  18. Yep they wouldn't give it to people who might do something positive with that money like start a business they gave it a bunch of prisoners, criminals and drug addicts

  19. I did not receive any p.u.a.