It’s more PR than policy: Art Laffer

Former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer discusses Obama’s past comments dismissing gas tax holiday as a ‘gimmick’ during 2008 campaign on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. You are right ✅️. They cancel the meeting today .

  2. Democrats will never get elected again. Hahaha

  3. LBJ,?….oh yeah he campaigned as a peace candidate in 1964 and was rewarded with a landslide win….then 2 months after his inauguration he sent ground troops to Vietnam to fight a war we could never win…LBJ went on TV numerous times telling us we were winning the Vietnam War…and how our troops were fighting gur for our "freedom"…and if we don't defeat the NVA over there..they will invade California…I had 3 friends killed for our "freedom"…he caused alot of families alot of pain and suffering….with his endless lies about the war..

  4. "There's other economists who don't think that's the case"

    Who, President Biden? Who are these "economists" who don't think that's the case? What a joke.

  5. These 'Democrats' are losers an they want to make the American people losers too!

  6. Thx Art!! Gratitude and indispensibility! The problem is well-defined. Elasticity of prices and salaries/wages are the solution. Larry and you are more or less the only remaining sources of information. It's a publicity stunt. It's tragicomic. According to so-called "journalists" most people believe their narrative. Their information has not been validated by impartial and unbiased sources.

  7. $15k more for an EV to gain $0.02 mile advantage 15,000/02 = u need to drive 750,000m to break even. Add battery replacement. Elon is lying to us.

  8. Sounds like the LBJ I remember, LOL. And like Biden, corrupt to the core

  9. The Whitehouse press secretary is just as embarrassing as Biden and Harris.
    When she tries to answer a question it is always Uh,Uh,Uh I Uh don't Uh, Uh and it just keeps repeating itself.

  10. The All and Powerful Wizard of Art…..Granholm is a crook she owns stock in electric vehicles…can you say conflict of interest 🤔🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  11. 2000 mules total proof of a stolen election in 2020 by the democrats and the deep state globalists

  12. what's old is new again ! Art! These pundit spots take you back ! OMG ! Here it comes.

  13. These big business are going 2 pack up and move oversea Payless tax

  14. The cholesterol debacle way back was caused by the sugar industry. Interesting stuff look it up, how tests were paid to look like damage from cholesterol instead of sugar

  15. The Republican Party, and hopefully not the RINOs, need to draw up impeachment papers immediately, as in NOW, followed by an Informational document of indictable offenses, as to why BIDEN must be removed from the Oval Office in the event their Party (the Republican Party) controls both chambers of Congress after the November 2022 election…… Unlike what RINOs (McConnell, etc) have recommended, US representatives and senators, patriotic and loyal to America, and who wish to have America remain as a nation under God, and indivisible with liberty and justice for all, have no choice but to impeach and remove BIDEN from the Oval Office if BIDEN refuses to resign or abdicate his position by November 2022….. America will disappear as a nation if patriotic and loyal Americans from all political affiliations don't stop this nonsense….

  16. Dementia Joe and Obummer = the 2 most vile leaders of all time.

  17. Biden is not smart enough to lead

  18. Obama I have nothing to do with this problem today he is just a common ordinary man on the street now he has no longer our president should’ve never been our president Biden and Kamala need to go they have shamed America along with that of the speaker of the house Pelosi they all need to be banned as enemies of American people they have caused a lot of damage and they know what they do it was all unplanned to begin with now they need to pay the price before the anger comes they need to be removed in the United States of America has an enemy to the people

  19. Excess profit tax. Who decides how much profit is excess ?

  20. I hope them will executive feed her beater up and say oh yeah Peter ru mental and she’ll come on up lady the lady was laughing and you enjoyed the high fuel prices do you manage them free so you can get your green new deal crossing know you utopias live in

  21. B.O. the Magnificent blamed George Bush for everything, his puppy blames Vladimir. So what's new?

  22. I suppose most of the stimulus went into the retirment funds of unionized government workers. Its all a scam to print money and kick it back to the phonies of the State.

  23. During Trump's tenure, the US economy contracted at the fastest rate since 1946. The national debt under Trump increased by 39 percent. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third highest of any president in history. Since 1933, the US economy has grown at an annual average rate of 4.6 percent under Democratic presidents and 2.4 percent under Republicans. GOP tax cuts for the wealthy have never boosted the US economy. Ten of eleven U.S. recessions between 1953 and the present began under Republican presidents.

  24. They’re selling a pig in a poke with smoke & mirrors. I’m laughing in the face of those imbeciles that never learned the value of a $.

    ⏳⏳2 PETER CHAPTER 3⏳⏳

  26. 4:40ff. It just dawned on me he doesn't know what to say because neither he or his advisors know what to do.

  27. I’m not a rich person and I have a business degree.also, I could not get a job as an assistant manager for a fast food business. Now, I’m faced with not being able to work a full time job because someone else could not do their job and I was injured because of it! So a little help would be nice! Your comment disgust me.

  28. Why bother act like this isn’t intentional.

  29. i think laffer curve is absolutely right, simple and clear result for public economic.
    it can be thought related to the tax evasion and tax elasticity.
    it should be considered as one of the many factors adjusting tax rates.
    he reminds me his theory is in the almost every economic book.

  30. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how…

  31. Women go about these things all wrong! Ruled by emotion rather than logic. Biden does what women tell him to.

  32. Over the road electrician.
    Cant afford to go to work.
    Loose money leaving the house.

  33. The Chinese government has no forced labor! That's called reform through labor! The Chinese government forced my speech to be blocked! They will not succeed! Because the truth is here!

  34. Is he wrong or purposely lying ?

  35. This is One Big Con Game 🎯

  36. If you buy Oil 6000 miles Away and Ship it Back 6000 miles how is this Saving The Ozone?

  37. This is Exactly What It Is ☑️ This Green Energy Deal is the Biggest Scandel of the Century 🤬

  38. Disgusting compared to any real finance news . Youth gave fox business a comparison chance.

  39. i love them both. 💕

  40. How come the oil companies have made record profits?

  41. I need money passport help me travel money

  42. Are you kidding?
    They will stop when the country is destroyed, and have the control over our lives.

  43. This country is almost over…infiltration an corruption!