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It’s not too late: Taking on takeout containers

ABC News’ Ginger Zee looks at a sustainable alternative to plastic takeout food containers.

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  1. 🤔 So, I'm going to trust the reusable container is going to be thoroughly wash??? That's changing one issue for another one! Let's not forget the over use of a much needed natural resource, in order to get those containers to sanitizing standards … 🤨 Sorry, Ginger, I DON'T THINK SO! 👌Paper is biodegradable, aluminum containers and its plastic lids are recyclable. What we need, is to find a way to either recycle styrofoam, or not use it at all 😌

  2. We have to figure out a way to recycle or compost the materials we use to package food and other items. End of discussion.

  3. IDK how I feel about this…

  4. how does the federal government allow the constant production and distribution ongoing production of these things that are constantly being turned into trash the whole new marijuana industry you go by a little thing the size of a of a quarter and it comes in plastic wrapped in plastic wrapped in plastic like why does the federal government continue to allow everything that you buy at the grocery store to be in excessive packaging and then charge you $.10 for a grocery bag saying that you the consumer needs to do better it makes no sense. why not band the production of these items or require the stores to come up with biodegradable packaging and options that would not be so harmful to the environment every day.

  5. I had these in college and I’m sorry but sometimes it’s nasty 🤢 I ate in my room all through college 2015-2019 and some of the containers they had out were nasty because people had food in them for days. Sometimes I had to return a container because it was so gross even after washing.

  6. I'd rather biodegradable take out ware. There are so many great products available that are 100% compostable that wont take 100's of years to break down.

  7. Here’s a thought, you bring your own container, or you pay the cost of the container to the restaurant plus pay a $10 fee, which goes to the county dump support.

  8. ⭐️⭐️⭐️TRUMP2024⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Times have never been better for all the corporate criminals

  10. I think it’s time to invest money to Organization that work hard on plastic issue even if the first stage like restaurants could be good but over all I think it better to focus the last stage of throwing trash away also can California make their own water and not use Colorado?! Like seriously in Arizona we have some issues with water supplies for our underground water are almost gone because Colorado isn’t giving us that much water because California.

  11. Great idea and I think this is good. But I'm worried about other things and certain restaurants are great.

  12. It sounds like a good idea but it sounds really disgusting. They're called disposable for a reason.

  13. I tried to type it into my app store and it came up as deliver zero NYC, does that mean there are no other places where this is implemented?

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  15. Gross. Paper containers are better.

  16. What are you gonna do bring your own bowel

  17. What sort of comparison metric is that? Millions of packages per year vs % of the landfill that is attributed to food packages? It's like comparing oranges with apples

  18. Wow a sustainable environmental project that actually works – I like it. No different than using a dish at a sit down restaurant that has been washed and reused. My only concern is that it is operating as yet another delivery app, it should be a service added to existing delivery apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub.

  19. Free Julian Assange
    The truth is not a crime
    The time is over fake News

    I am an activist against Censorship

  20. Yall need to do a video about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees with their profits

  21. It's not too late to tell elitest reporters to take a really long walk off of a very short pier and keep going until they get to communist china because the msm seems to love communism.

  22. This was like reading a Patent Application for a Lead Balloon.

  23. The boba place that I go to does something similar. They give us our drinks in glass jars with straws, and once we come back, we can bring it back and get 10% that order, so there is no waste as a result. But I think it work since it’s just one place where here it’s many different restaurants.

  24. I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  25. Have to realize that the use of water and sanitation equipment used may be worse than the actual reusable Tupperware. Could cause more waste than people realize 🤷‍♂️

  26. Great idea but I am sure execution won’t be done correctly. It’s a risk customers will have to take to believe they “deep sanitize “ these containers. Again the idea behind sounds amazing, but we don’t really know if they really will “wash throughly” like they said.

  27. Credit Elaine Newsham

    According to the government…

    If I get vaccinated: 💉💉💉

    1.- Can I stop wearing the mask?
    Government Response – No

    2.- Can they reopen restaurants, pubs, bars etc and everyone work normally?
    Government Response – No

    3.- Will I be resistant to covid?
    Government Response – Maybe, but we don't know exactly, it probably won't stop you getting it

    4.- At least I won't be contagious to others anymore?
    Government Response – No you can still pass it on, possibly, nobody knows.

    5.- If we vaccinate all children, will school resume normally?
    Government Response – No

    6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?
    Government Response – No

    7.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?
    Government Response – No

    8.- If I vaccinate myself and my grandfather, can we hug each other?
    Government Response – No

    9.- Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums be reopened thanks to vaccines?
    Government Response – No

    10.- Will the vaccinated be able to gather?
    Government Response – No

    11.- What is the real benefit of vaccination?
    Government Response – The virus won't kill you.

    12.- Are you sure it won't kill me?
    Government Response – No

    13.- If statistically the virus won't kill me anyway … Why would I get vaccinated?"
    Government Response – To protect others.

    14.- So if I get vaccinated, the others are 100% sure I'm not infecting them?
    Government Response – No

    So to summarise, the Covid19 vaccine…

    Does not give immunity.
    Does not eliminate the virus.
    Does not prevent death.
    Does not guarantee you won’t get it.
    Does not prevent you from getting it.
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    Does not eliminate the need for travel bans.
    Does not eliminate the need for business closures.
    Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns.
    Does not eliminate the need for masking.

    So…what the hell is it actually doing? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. You know what I call that prison trays… oh no wait wait wait is a collectivist environmentally friendly idea… Emphasis on COLLECTIVIST. IDK about you but "sharing" dishes with others seems disgusting

  29. I guess small businesses and restaurants aren't being destroyed quick enough with these lockdowns. Hey guys let's tell em about those containers because the little pizza shops and restaurants are getting around this attack on small businesses. Washington DC? Can you get a pizza in the middle of that police state?

  30. They said this about plastic straws but they didn't ban plastic knifes forks plates. Dumb.

    Then because of the fake covid and mask don't keep out viruses, there's now over a billion used masks in the ocean.

    The left are the most useless and destructive force in the world.

  31. Facebook and twitter closed my account why did not comment what they want to hear
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  32. I’m the first comment damn lol hi from Sweden

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