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‘It’s Not Too Late’ with Ginger Zee: ‘Trillion dollar’ mega disaster

Scientists warn of a “mega storm” that could flood large portions of the West Coast.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  4. All Main Stream Medias misled, lies and use fake news to brain wash all their news readers and the American public. Just wonder why they are so easily duped, fool into having hatred and believes such lies to be true. Wake up! Open your reading and news domain. Investigate what NTD, Front Page are reporting. Increase your lucid vision.

  5. Ginger Zee
    you have just put a nail in the coffin of
    Climate Change and Global Warming.
    I had never heard of the ArkStorm of 1862 in California,
    200 inches of rain?
    Odd since we was not aware that anyone even knew how, to run a rain gage?
    They could probably count the number of days of constant rain, tis true,
    Weather data before 1950 was rather sketchy, as far as We know?
    They had big hurricanes, unnamed, big deep freezes,
    interesting news spot, good job.
    Remind me again why lots of rain in a drought ridden California is a bad thing?

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    And he arrived in China.

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  12. End times no suprises here

  13. Only Turkey can kill entire nation and lie that it was a war.

  14. The biggest threat to everyone is AI and SAI . Once it's surpasses humans in intelligence and becomes sentient ..there is no logical reason for humans homo sapiens to exist . Do you care about an ants and there ant hill when u build a freeway? Exactly. Super AI will wipe out homo sapiens .

  15. What a loser, go home little girl. We know the cabal controls the weather.

  16. So wait, you're telling me weather conditions repeat themselves and have been repeating over the life of the planet? So if we believe the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, but we've only been recording weather the past few hundred years, we actually only know 0.000004% of its recorded weather history, yet we're predicting these types of events? OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

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    Fake Covid19 Pandemic

  18. When someone has stopped theirs from hearing you, means they intend on afflicting as much harm ON YOU as they possibly can NO matter the cost..

    Acts 7:57…. Prophecy; BUT this same harm will be given back to them 4 fold !

  19. New Georgia fraud numbers out right now. The calculations are being done now for the other states. TRUMP WILL WIN. See the video right here at the hearing today. https://youtu.be/aRhQmioNY4o

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  22. i want this to happen LOL. Screw the california govt and all the overpriced junk there.

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  24. only 1.5 million to be evacuated? Only 1/4 of CA under water?

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  26. Every American should watch this video. Parents should encourage their children to watch this video to learn America’s values and principles. Sidney Powell “stop the steal “ rally in Georgia

  27. Working for the minimum amount
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  28. See the testimonies in GA today. Looks they got video evidence of voter fraud large enough to change the election in that state.

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