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'It's obviously wrong': House Intel Committee Dem on Trump’s attack on Yovanovitch | ABC News

Two House Intelligence Committee members, Rep. Chris Stewart and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, discuss the impeachment hearings on “This Week.”

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  1. changing goal post from quid pro quo to bribery. tomayto tomahto

  2. If the evidence against trump is building then why does the president of urkraine, Zalensky, publicly announce that he has not been bribed or threatend. So we are now calling the urkraine president a liar? Urkraine is going thru the same problem with their country that we are with ours. Dirty deeds being hidden by democrats is really simple to see. When you have a appointed representative who actually says that hearsay evidence is more important than factual evidence in a investagation is absolutely mind blogging. And why is it a smear against Biden, to want to know the facts on his involvement in getting a prosecutor fired in another country, who by the way was investigating the crooked company his son worked at. He was doing that investigation before Biden son was put on the board of that company. What are the Dems afraid of? Did obahamama do something illegal again? What a shame for our nation to have to air this embaressing witch hunt for the whole world to see. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!! GODS RETURN 2024?

  3. Already Been Corrupted network ABC

  4. Bidens just the most corrupt thing in the Ukrainian corruption so they stand out the most not the only corruption in Ukraine

  5. George is a paid Democratic puppet look at his history and bank accounts

  6. Trump is guilty. Get over it . Know IMPEACH his nasty orange kkk a–

  7. sean BALONEY u r nothing but a Yellow yankee LIAR'

  8. sean I usually respect Vets BUT not You traitor fxxking Idiot,

  9. "If evidence of a crime includes a tweet, that's how weak the evidence is." What? The tweet was a whole DIFFERENT crime. Trump's tweet attacking the ambassador has nothing to do with the bribery. It's witness harassment. That's like saying if punching the judge during a murder trial is the best evidence of the murder, that's how weak the evidence of murder is.

  10. Did Shorty go to Epstein Island with Bill?

  11. Stewart is my Congressman. He’s truly an idiot and an embarrassment to our state. On behalf of my state, I apologize to my fellow Americans for sending such a dumbo to Washington.

  12. Oh Yeh right , this is some silly SH?T. Fake news ABC , NBC,CBS and CNN is pushing this country to the brink of a Civil War.

  13. Actually the evidence is weakening from hearing to hearing … only a democrat sees that as evidence building … delusional democrats
    Lets shaft schiffty schiff and the only real impostor pathetic pelosi
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  14. Pressure??? Where did you read that? Maybe from the Democrats because at any point Trump was pressuring.

  15. Oh please, we don't give a fuck what some slimy lefty politician has to say or thinks. What the Democrats and their propagandists in the media have done to this President is beyond wrong.

  16. Any comments by this or any Democratic Representative involved in this sham is pretty much meaningless in light of the lie filled witch hunt that is being conducted … Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have lost all credibility with those who believe in truth, fairness and transparency … Those in their party who outspokenly and seemingly blindly follow their twisting of the facts and truth to fit their agenda are not doing their credibility any favors …

  17. Give the man a drink of water.

  18. You have every right to face ypur accuser wait if it goes to trial!!!!

  19. What i remember is that Schiff and these media folks are the same ones who insisted that Russian collusion was a thing , what happened there? Same thing. So Baloney and Stewart are unevenly matched as debaters, doesnt change facts.

  20. Are you fucking insane he did it on fucking TELEVISION IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF VIEWERS!

  21. Well I'm glad Chris got his despicable excuses out just shows how despicable he is

  22. Go again you know when they start out look look look they usually go look at something somebody else did look at what they did that excuse has what we do even though the person you're talking about never did anything wrong

  23. Yeah it is kind of weird how a person like Chris would sit there and perjure and disgrace his self why does he do that I don't know other than the fact that someone is paying him out the ass. I don't know whether it's the Russians the South Koreans or whoever is paying him basically just lie and try to distract from illegal activity that him and or whoever else he's trying to defend has done why would you do that to yourself Chris

  24. These are the effects if you're smart enough to know what anyone's talking about you will realize what the facts are

  25. Yeah exactly Hunter Biden does not have any information regarding the illegal activity that the president is doing so why would do you want to call him to the stand do you have a half retarded answer for that I know you don't it's less than retarded

  26. Chris you have anything more than retarded to say

  27. My name is Chris because I am an ass kiss hahaha hahaha hahaha

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