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It’s time for President Trump to be impeached, Biden says | ABC News

The president is looking to add former Congressman Trey Gowdy to his legal team, while Sen. Lindsey Graham warned if the House impeaches Trump, the Senate will not convict him. READ MORE:

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  1. It's time Joe Biden keeps his lying mouth shut…

  2. Biden says that Trump should be impeached… ( must be cause he don’t stand a chance otherwise)

  3. There going to be like mad dog when he wins I’m going to enjoy watching that

  4. Do you did it and dems shot whole in America

  5. Ironically it was the 'above the law' attitude, two-tiered justice, the hypocrisy of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration that got Trump elected in the first place.

  6. Biden should be imprisoned,for the rest of his life,for treason.

  7. I never thought I’d see anything like this and I turn twenty nine next month. I hate how he handles things.

  8. Impeachment of trump forcibly means coup in usa in support of trump

  9. Trump 2020..By a landslide …Sorry my little snowflakes

  10. trump is intimidated by Joe

  11. Biden the main man greatest forever

  12. When will they realize they will never impeach him?😂

  13. So when Nixon was being impeached, did they take a vote the way there were supposed to? I’m pretty sure if this wasn’t one sided the administration would provide everything they asked for as they have through Trumps presidency.

  14. Fake media impeach who. Joe Biden ? Make sence . Only wrong President Donald Trump not Democrats.. Not get cover in ABC , MSNBC, CNN
    Another wrong make American first. Unemployment low 3.6/100, Down jone over 2600

  15. Time to investigate Biden

  16. The media is a joke. They just keep pushing this narrative hoping if they say it enough people will believe Trump is bad. When in reality Trump has done more for us in 4 years than any other president has done in their 8 year stint. This is the only way the Dems have a shot in 2020 but they don't have a shot at this impeachment. The Democratic party is an embarrassment to democracy right now.

  17. It's time for Joe to rub his shoulders and softly whisper in his ear "Impeachment".

  18. Trump should be impeached along with AG Barr and Mike Pence. Impeach and remove. LOCK THEM UP! !

  19. NBC (Nonstop Bias Channel) ABC (All Bullsh&t Channel)

  20. How a young man, Hunter Biden keeps coming up with major contracts and arrangements, while following his daddy around is interesting.
    Forget sitting on the board of Burmistra, an oil company in the Ukraine, making 86,000/ month.
    After Biden Sr left China while on a business trip, days later his son got a billion dollar contract.
    How many unemployed people now have hope, knowing experience is no longer necessary in acquiring major contracts and job opportunity.
    Biden, you are the man….

    It seems with no experience at all, the sky is the limit for young Biden.

  21. The Democrats have broken the constitution in half! Go to court, and try to apply the constitution, and the judge will tell you that if you bring up the constitution again you will be in contempt! Such a sick kangaroo Circus show going on in this country. Treason is here.

  22. 0_o They should sell a sleeping aid using Biden's voice. Could cure insomnia! **Boring Biden 2020/NOT!**

  23. o_0 I think they're all pretty corrupt to one degree or another, and at this point they all seem to be pointing fingers at each other, praying to God that you'll focus on the other guy's crimes, instead of their own.

  24. As we can see all the main stream media want impeachment of Donald Trump so that they can resort back to usual business of having the government take over the USA by forcing new taxation upon the American people so that all can have a free handout.
    Free schooling, free healthcare for all.
    Forcing the American people to pay over 50% of their wages to meet the demand


  26. Biden is pathetic liar and a criminal briber. We see you sleepy Joe and you will never be president 😜

  27. They are giving away WAY too much information about the whistleblower!!! STOP IT! SHUT UP! Trump WILL execute him/her!!

  28. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  29. They have absolutely nothing on the man. Focus on helping Americans. Politicians are absolutely useless, pathetic human beings

  30. Let’s be honest he isn’t going to be removed from office unless he loses the election so this is a joke

  31. Biden says , but really tho , who dafaq cares what Biden says

  32. It's laughable how all you trump disciples only defense is what about this person and that person. STFU you sound like a bunch of little kids making excuses. Let the inquiry play out, then demand these baseless conspiracy theories can get the time they deserve, oh that's right, they have already been found to not be based on any tangible facts. Question, am I using words to large for you to understand, "excuses", "baseless", "facts", and this why your still talking about this crap instead of what's happening RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW!?!

  33. Sleepy Joe needs to be embalmed

  34. When HRC lost myriad criminal deals now broken and exposed. Her pawns in Congress left literally on the spot leaving these psycho-political players panic'd. HRC's psycho-criminal labyrinth now being revealed for all to see. These miscreant 'pseudo officials' point fingers of accusation toward 'legitimate officials' exposing them.‬ Biden is a loose canon.

  35. This came up as "Top News" in my search for something I saw about Fox News and Trey Gowdy. This is definitely not "Top News"…. Top News is Trump 2020!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  36. You Investigate Hunter Biden – It's Time To Impeach Him :c )

  37. Biden & family have been corrupt his entire career. The corporate whore media has colluded to cover it up.

  38. It’s funny he is worried about other people children earning yet tax payers are paying for his kids to travel the world for their own private business. His own daughter who initially said she wouldn’t be involved in the White House is now a senior advisor and her husband is brokering deals for his own business!!! The hypocrisy is amazing

  39. "Dear Twitter, Trump called me a do-do-head. Please bar him" -Joe Biden

  40. "Dear Twitter, Trump called me a do-do-head. Please bar him" -Joe Biden

  41. No it’s time that Biden explains his sons sudden 7 figure income

  42. Really? A crook like Biden has no credibility who cares what he says? Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do and draining the swamp. Biden is part of that swamp. So is every democrat in the House of Congress. I hope they all get kicked out and or imprisoned. This whole ordeal even before Trump was elected has been an abuse of power by Obama's justice system and his crew. This isn't an investigation its an attempt at a overthrow.

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