Saturday , January 16 2021
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'It's time to take action': Sen Hawley sounds off on tech CEOs

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) calls tech CEOs ‘modern day robber barons’ as he grills the social media leaders on censorship and tracking user data.

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  1. It's ALL a show. We saw the same B.S. with Trey Gowdy over Benghazi …. JUST TALK. They never DO anything. I really believe now that this is just a SHOW, much like Tucker was.

  2. make them accountable for the censorship and invasion of privacy with these companies

  3. zucherberg lies, i ask why is facebook,twitter,google banning and censoring only trump and any republican post

  4. Delete your facebook and stop using that garbage.. I've been off of it for years. Social media is trash. Get a real life.

  5. Lock zuckerbook up. He is a lifelong thief and liar

  6. Cruz and Hawley both had Zuckerberg by the balls throughout this hearing. Was so good watching Zuckerberg stutter and squirm as he tried to worm his way around the questions. A blatant liar in full swing

  7. They do communicate with google – because my instagram had been shadow banned by google, because instagram shadow banned me. If I type in the words of my instagram account ( instagram empath education ), it does not appear. If I type it in a search bar on duck duck go, I am the first thing that comes up. They have shadow banned me because I have been sharing the truth about what is occurring in the world, and they do not want people to know.

  8. How did private companies attain the leverage to determine speech and thus policy. Social media is essentially running the world, they need shutting down or breaking up.

  9. I wonder if Hawley would be a good candidate for GOP for President in 2024? What are conservatives opinions regarding him?
    He seems to have decent political points. He's a smart guy. Young etc which would be good going forward?

  10. Zuckerberg sucks as his name suggests. He corrupts the voting process with his money earned from users. He’s a demon! Youre a liar.

  11. “Let me be clear” with a straight face amazing. Forwarding a comment to him I made to a YouTube video in anticipation of censorship. We’ll see then then I’ll follow up.

  12. Modern day Robber Barons indeed. Well said Sir. You are a true patriot and would make the U.S founding fathers proud. God bless you!

  13. Zuckerberg is the epitome of a lying hypocrite!

  14. Time to take action? Oh, man. It's looong overdue!

  15. These "Task" people I think have been around since 2016. I have some crazy behavior on my FB from time to time . if feels like I am being monitored and I have some odd behavior and errors that are not always consistent.

  16. If social media not treated as public communication utility it will serve as socialist programming tool

  17. Media has been out of hand for too long programming our citizens with lies to advance Marxist goals, when will we change libel laws? [Well informed citizens essential to democracy] Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820. ME 15:278.

  18. It's difficult to know who's a fraud and who truly wants to weaken the totalitarian Big Tech, but we need to demand it and defund them. I've been off Twitter and Facebook for months, YouTube disappoints, but I'm hanging on for now.

  19. Zuckerberg wouldn't make a very good poker player. Every time he lies his eyes narrow and shift left

  20. Elites don't answer for their crimes, they are above the law. This is a magic show, slight of hand that will amount to nothing, a puppet show for the stupid people.

  21. Zuckerberg and dorsey are both bolshevik commies.

  22. Ask him about Epstein Island and Adrenochrome

  23. People STOP with Facebook,Twitter,and Google

  24. Should "Follow up" with a subpoena

  25. You can say anything you want they're being protected by the Democrats right now

  26. The only moment Zucc is not lying is when he states "Senator".

    The rest are lies.

  27. Hawley is so awesome!! The big tech play stupid! They will be taken down!! Let me be clear,they will be taken down!!

  28. Shut it all down – These tech weirdos need to be interrogated the same way we do terrorists from abroad

  29. 8:10 "i'm not familiar with that name"
    so is zuck lying through his teeth UNDER OATH or is he the stupidest and worst ceo in America?

  30. Close them down, they are trying to undermine our Republic

  31. Sen Hawley destroyed "the suckervergas"

  32. Mr. Hawley, I voted for you in my state, and I am convinced putting you into office was a benefit for the American people. You have my vote again when it comes around. Go for the throat Senator!

  33. Love Senator Hawley!!!

  34. Upvote for Hawley not for Fox. Fox is evil, Facebook is evil, Twitter is evil….oust the deep state, expose the government fraud, take down the big tech giants, and retake the US and make us free again!

  35. anyone know what part of Mars Zuckerberg is from? 
    the dude's an alien.

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