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'I've never seen it before': Zampa's take on second T20I

Leg-spinner Adam Zampa discusses his impressive home record, Justin Langer’s new nickname for him, and the sharp work of Pat Cummins to complete an unusual run out at the Gabba


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  1. No. Rashid khan best bowler

  2. Zampa is a hot and cute at the same time🔥♥️
    Best wishes for future 💓

  3. Wow!!! But my booty is better!!

  4. Is he ready for number 1 team pakistan?

  5. For Aussies, Zampa is next Shane Warne. Lol

  6. Pakistan will t20 series 👍💟💞🐩

  7. My Name is Corban and I'm from SOUTH AFRICA

  8. Guys next time u interview David Warner can u ask him how does he keep so calm in the middle and how does he carry on playing well

  9. England and australia hot favorites for t20 wc.

  10. Can Australia win world cup t20

  11. Zampa you are the best
    And I love you
    You are best spinner in Australia

  12. Well done Aussies and gud game by zampa , he's the cutest guy in Australia team😍love ya….

  13. Any Indian "Bhakt" type people watching here who like to always say western culture is bad , then this is an example of good western culture where Zampa quickly redacted what he said about Dhoni , giving him the respect and being mindful of the people watching all because he did not want to hurt people's sentiments, because this is how his parents raised him. PS- If you don't know what "redacted " means look it up in google.

  14. He works hard on his bowling and trying to become a good bowler

  15. Please provide me on bat, please

  16. You’re an absolute legend Zamps, love ya mate

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