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I”VE NEVER SHOWN THIS BEFORE…. // Fashion Mumblr Vlogs

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  1. Yummy looking pasta!
    Where are those clover earrings from they're really nice … are they van cleef ?

  2. you have well rounded contexts for your channel, not all beauty and fashion

  3. Josie, you have to see Lydia's little purse she unboxed. It is tiny and totally pearls and you would adore it.

  4. My broad beans haven't got as far as yours but they're nearly ready will try your recipe

  5. Such a wholesome vlog loved it Josie 🥰 thoae dresses in the flower fields just dreamy ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Great video Josie, can you please let us know where your sunglasses are from? The ones in the confetti field? Love them

  7. Loved this vlog! Please could you share a little tutorial of how you remove your shellac I always have a nightmare, your nails look amazing after! xx

  8. Fabulous shots in the confetti fields 👌

  9. Your garden is soooo amazing considering you moved in not that long ago. BTW, Dickie got my dog barking halfway around the world. How cool is that?

  10. What a fabulous log…Josie you are far more interesting and provide more content than most programs on TV! I often choose YouTube over some programs which don’t deliver quite the same. 🦋

  11. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 🖤🖤

  12. Again an amazing vlog! You made me stay on the stairmaster for 48 minutes without dying because I just enjoyed watching it so much🥰🥰❤️

  13. Max La Manna has great recipes to use veg trimmings! He may have something for broad bean jackets 💚

  14. The pink dress with the pearl sandals and your new blaze unit look amazing outdoors.

  15. I’m Persian and I’m super proud of the “tahdig” you made. Tah means the bottom and dig is the pan or pot whatever you use to make the rice so basically the crumb at the bottom of the pan 👌🏼👌🏼😂 every Persian kid will fight for that part at the table ❤️ as always super lovely Josie

  16. The wedding bells are magical, if you and Charlie get married in that beautiful church I can imagine that every time you hear the wedding bells it would remind you of your own wedding, how wonderful!

  17. I like your assistant much more than Lydia's, I don't know why. Less infatuated with you I think. Lucy does not act like a superfan like Lydia's.

  18. Hi Josie! I live in India and only found out about By Terry from you a few years back. Can’t wait to try the HH balms and the hyaluronic concealer

  19. It's your pointer finger. Love the new BY Terry lip colors. ✨🌼💛
    You do look lovely in White Josie!

  20. Rose garden is amazing 🌸🌸They do like moisture and mulch.

  21. Your just adorable love watching you your a pleasure

  22. You looked so beautiful in this vlog! Seems you have a green thumb. Your garden looks great!

  23. Such a lovely vlog! And the reel is so amazing! I keep watching it over and over. 🥰

  24. what about composting any leftover veggies.,,

  25. Josie, aside from the grounds of your lovely home, I believe seeing you in the delphinium field is the most beautiful thing you have posted!

  26. I like the drains black like of look industrial style with the black drains

  27. You can use the broad bean pods to help flavor a homemade stock. After the stock is cooked you just remove them the same way you would a bay leaf or meat bones.

  28. Hi Jodie
    For a broadbean recipe checkout
    You tube.. In Taverna con Lucia. She has a pasta recipe and a recipe for the skins… believe it or not! very authentic. its in Italian but easy to follow

  29. If you had chickens, you could probably feed the bean shells to them. Composting is a good thing to do with them also.

  30. Garden is beautiful! And those delphiniums are unreal! Same with your garden spinach! I’m from the U.S. and I’m not sure what broad beans are. Are they like fava beans? They look delicious!

  31. Josie, your garden is so beautiful and so bountiful!! So very proud of you. I refused to have a vegetable garden this year, but God had other plans. I used my household vegetable waste as compost and my goodness I have melons, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and about 20 tomato plants growing ion my flower garden and they are HUGE. My flowers don't seem to mind sharing their space.

  32. I ate my first home grown cucumber yesterday!! I couldn’t believe how quickly it grew I was sending picture updates to my family everyday because I was so amazed lol and of course it was the most delicious cucumber ever. Thanks to you for inspiring me to finally plant my veggie garden 🙂

  33. You really are living a fairytale life Josie, I love to hear those church bells 🔔 . The food always looks so very yummy . Great vlog as always. Xx

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