Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Jacinda Ardern Reacts To Fatal Volcano Eruption, Shares 'Unfathomable Grief' | NBC News

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comments on the death toll and those still missing after the White Island volcano eruption.
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Jacinda Ardern Reacts To Fatal Volcano Eruption, Shares ‘Unfathomable Grief’ | NBC News


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  1. while i feel bad for these people, they had to know there was a pretty big risk.

  2. Please DISABLE the comment section.
    People don’t even know what to tell where.
    There are many families who would be feeling strangled right now due to their grief and here people are busy mocking a leader who wanted to adress her country’s loss.

  3. Stupid country for allowing tourists to walk about there.

  4. Yep, never let a tragedy go to waste, right Ardern?

  5. News: Thank you Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for your statements. Over to you Aust. on bushfire disaster. Scomo what have you got to say to your people??
    Scomo: ….

  6. Where there any sign of a eruption, any earthquakes or venting ? If so it should have been close to tourist.

  7. They didn't report that Australia has an estimated 14 dead. NZ only has one.

  8. Watch out, or she'll ban all Valcanos. What a joke of a politician

  9. Maybe if she didn't ban ar-15s the Kiwis could shoot at it

  10. The end is near ..! Jesus spoke explicitly about such a time as this !

  11. Trump did this !! He’s Bad !!

  12. What a tragedy. I hope the families of the confirmed lost and missing are being brought comfort by friends and family tonight.

  13. Cindy has her hang dog, ''we are one face'' on…………..faker

  14. The Prime Minister of New Zealand is a fool.

  15. This climate change is getting out of hand.

  16. She looks neurotic, like crazy neurotic.

  17. Hey, lets go hang around an active volcano.

  18. She should ban the volcano, confiscate all the volcano's lava and condemn it for being human-phobic.

  19. Have you tried just banning volcanoes?

  20. Somehow this is white people's fault.

  21. Maybe you shouldn't be going to walk a noise when they're getting ready to erupt, these people must be Democrats not very smart.

  22. Is she going to ban volcanos now?

  23. So sorry for new Zealand people affected.

  24. Is it because of global warming? Call Greta. She can yell at it.

  25. We hope they were Democrats

  26. this inept liberal pm allowed the cruise liner to go to the island when it is already known that the volcano is acting up for the past couple of weeks. her government and their tourism department should be sued and heavily fined for their incompetence

  27. My heart is bleeding for you New Zealanders :o(
    Love you and your beautiful country.

  28. C'mon Jacenda, time to go to a traditional sacrificial ceremony to appease the volcano gods.

    At least this time women will be allowed to participate.

  29. Oh wahhh! People are too stupid these days to stay away from dangerous things.

  30. She’s tuned her country. It’s a caliphate now.

  31. they should drop her in the volcano

  32. Who cares they had no business being there.

  33. New Zealand has gone through a few tragedies unfortunately. Prime Minister Ardern is a great leader and will help her nation through these Challenging times.

  34. Idiots… yeah let's go tour an active VOLCANO!

  35. She Greenlighted the Christchurch Gun Grab Psyop.

  36. THoughts and Prayers to New Zealanders. YOU GUYS HAVE A TRUE LEADER to be proud of.

  37. imagine letting this gremlin run your country

  38. Condolences to New Zealanders .

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