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Jacob Blake shooting timeline: What events led to the shooting | USA TODAY

Jacob Blake shooting: Less than 3 minutes elapsed between cops arrival and shots fired.
RELATED: 2 killed and 1 injured during Kenosha protests

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, was shot by Kenosha, Wisconsin, police on August 19. Here’s a detailed timeline of events.

*Note: At 1:32, this video should say “lay.”

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  2. You didn't mention that he pulled out a knife, are you serious?

  3. police man really said aim lab

  4. An American hero! He was shot in the back seven times for trying to get into a car with his kids.

  5. Maybe he was a black male narcissist, thinking the law and the propensity for black males to be shot by police didn't apply to his ashy ass.

  6. I'm not sayin is ok to shoot people, but why just not complying with the police and avoiding being hurt in any way?
    If not complying with airport security, for example, anyone thinks they gonna let you alone or board the plane?
    Usually police is acting according with the situation no matter the skin color and why not glorifying all people killed by police no matter the skin color, why yellow, white, brown, skin don't matter?

  7. It doesn’t matter if Blake was a good guy or not. The job of any officer is to bring people in, not EXECUTE them on the spot. If we allow cops to just shoot people whenever they feel like it, then NO ONE is safe.

  8. I was upset when I seen the video but then later I found out he was no Angel

  9. So we idolize criminals these days?? Sad times in murica

  10. Good thing is he will NOT be running from the police or anyone for that matter…Jebal go pies!!!!

  11. Viva Fentanyl George and crooked breonna !!!

  12. They didnt mention that he was about to take off with the kids in the car without permission from the mom who was trying to stop him, HELLO MEDIA!!! WHY WONT U TELL US THAT PART HUH???, he was about to kidnap those kids…the media should be charged for instigating and causing riots,

  13. There are some new reports that this was not JB's car , and 2 kids in the car belonged to the woman whom called the police on him.

  14. What happened to Jacob Blake now where is he?????

  15. Okay, a few things here.
    1) The sexual assault charge (charge by the way, not conviction) was for an incident involving an ADULT (capsing for emphasis here, not to scream) not a child
    2) The officer that shot him was (as you can see on the video) about a foot away from him. If Blake was armed, why didn't he shoot sooner? And if he wasn't, why didn't he just tackle him then?
    3) There were indeed seven shots, or else, disregarding all of the other evidence, how did the extra bullets get in him?
    4) He was clearly resisting arrest, so getting injured is his fault, however…
    5) He was shot SEVEN times. SEVEN. How is that reasonable under any circumstance, especially to his back. One bullet is usually enough to take a man down regardless of where it hits. Two or three, and the only way you'd still be up is if you're on something. Seven is overkill, no matter the circumstance.

  16. I'll never buy another lying USA Today. Blake was only shot FOUR TIMES.

  17. USA today is officially why I'm voting for Trump!

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  21. Did you know: This guy broke into his rape victim’s house, forcefully stuck his finger into her va jay jay, smelled his fingers and said: “you smell like you been with somebody” Its all in the report 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. Jacob ain't dun do nuthin', he was just mindin' his business when a crazy White Supremacist shot him in the back seven times, yo!

  23. Called for a family disturbance? He was in violation of an op, fingered the victim without consent telling her that she smelled like other men, and then fought with police? You have the most bizarre narratives.

  24. They also forgot to say that he said that he was going to shoot the cops

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  26. Why isn’t he supposed to be there?

  27. I thought this was the timeline up to his sexual assault, Wrong video

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  30. This isn't journalism. Seems you left out some key details. Clowns

  31. Update; from what I can find, his victim was a person he had been assaulting for years and she had a restraining order against him, he was breaking that restraining order when he was shoot. Clearly the victim's life could have been in danger had he escape and returned later.

  32. Obviously if he was White he would have been killed and no one in the FAKE NEWS or anyone else would have cared. He is very lucky to be Black.

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