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Jacob Blake: Two killed, one injured during Kenosha protest shootings | USA TODAY

Two people killed and one injured from shootings during Kenosha protests over Jacob Blake.
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Kenosha Police are looking for a man armed with a long gun after two people were shot and killed and a third injured during protests over Jacob Blake.

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  5. If the leaders of the Democratic party do not step up to stand against everything evil in the US they will lose the election, and deserve it.

    Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

  6. Rule numba 1- Never chase anyone with a semi- automatic rifle….unless you want this. WtF are people just retarded these days, you are not Marvel Superheroes and Tony Stark ain't gonna come save your dumb ass, shit is real out here in the US now, pack a gun, shoot first go to Court later…People are tired of the dumb shit, shoot first if someone is trying to physically assault or rob you.

  7. go ahead piss off the hillbillys,,they hunt for FOOD daily..I dont THINK they will eat you but??? who knows

  8. Negara baper jangan sok keras

  9. looks like HongKong last year

  10. They are trying to make it sound like it was the police chasing him. It was a mob and he shot back in self defense. Here's the whole video:

  11. Nobody was prepared … Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  12. Protest?
    Why do you lie?
    Do you even know what a protest is?

  13. I know the video. That man deserves a medal. He was being chased by looters. If he didn”t had the gun, he could be dead by now. It was self defence. You need more men like him.

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  15. One criminal gets rightfully shot and the other criminsls kill and riot..
    Well done America 🤣🤣🤣

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  17. So he kill people then he just have to lift up his arms and thats it? Wtf

  18. 1 vid on TikTok , they throw a Molotov

  19. people please report Usa today. This kind of videos must be rid out from youtube because it is not true.

  20. Just some info on the people shot. First man shot in head is Joesph Rosenbaum age 36 who is a registered sex offender and has charges including sex crimes involving a minor. Man with skate board who hit him in head and was shot in chest is Anthony Huber 26 who has a large criminal history involving battery, harassment, assault, and domestic abuse. Third person shot in arm is Gaige Grosskreutz 26 who also is a member of the “People’s Revolution Movement” and has multiple charges also including crimes involving assault, alcohol and firearms. There is the truth that the MSM won’t tell you.


    Yup, all three were scumbags, and all three tried to kill him first. He shot in self defense.

  22. We have got to place REASONABLE regulations on the commerical press.

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  24. This country is crushing down seriously now its obvious
    They destabilized, stole and killed people in: Libya, Syria, Iraq, palestine, Venezuela an many more nations now its time tis is what "make America great again" looks like by Trumpet.

  25. Why usa human rights organization talk when there ia something wrong with white or white supermacy and silent on black man morder or muslim in iraq syria palestaine pakistan afghanistan….this is the same fair that usa burn in muslim contry on basis of biased ….surely usa will pay for all innocents live surely

  26. They even lie about the "hunting" of the guy. The guy turned himself in in the full video, went straight to the police with his hands up and told them what happened. MSM can't even fart without telling a lie ffs

  27. This is why bringing a gun, or assault rifle as it looked, to a protest is NOT a good idea. As in NOT a good idea… The 2nd amendment does NOT make you exempt from common sense.

  28. Oh and now they want the police to do something!

  29. the finest circus act ever known to man – America!

  30. This is going to happen more often. There are always more rioters than cops. So people are gonna start fighting back.

  31. Let's attack a guy with a rifle 👍🏻


  33. When you act like a bunch of scumbags looking for trouble sometimes it finds you.

  34. Jacob blake was a coward. Had pending warrants and he was not man enough to face the consequences, so he resisted arrest. Now, coward criminal get more protection from people.

  35. Okay since USA Today sucks let me to their job for them.

    The person who fired the shots is actually part of a group protesting with BLM. They help provide security while also protecting buildings from being looted. In this case, my understanding is that he accidently (more or less) met up with someone who didn't like him. Him and his friends chased him until the suspect fell down. Then he went all CoD and smoked three people. These people are eating themselves up.

  36. You could hear his kids yelling “daddy”. Heartbreaking, I tell ya

  37. Americans used to watch on their big screen TVs whilst eating popcorn and drinking Budweiser meanwhile their army bombed most of Middle East killing innocent people. Maybe only maybe the pain and agony of widows, orphans, many many that lost loved ones, looked up at the sky and asked for justice. Everything in life has consequences specially when you do harm to others will definitely will coming back to haunt you. Now, the world is watching US. Not wishing harm to anyone but hope we learn a big lesson from this. In peace ✌🏿

  38. The title is incredibly misleading, it was the protesters that were murdered/maimed , by a member of a rightwing milita that the cops were supporting

  39. Why is the media still addressing this as a protest when clearly all the building burning down, all the stuff being stolen, and all the damages to people vehicle is happening either by destroying them or breaking. This isn't a protest and never have been its clearly have been a riot. So yeah the owners or other citizens that is tired of this riot will stand up and gonna try prevent it with or without lethal force. Since the city and state have tied police hands on doing such during a riot.

  40. But I was just peacefully trying to drop-kick him officer.

  41. Kenosha officials update public on Jacob Blake case.
    Wed, August 26 2 p.m. EDT.

    Sources: Washington Post(Media Bias Rating: Lean Left)

    2019 U.S. Census Bureau of Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Population and demographics
    Native Americans originally named the area Kenozia, or “place of the Pike.” In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded that the overwhelming majority of residents, 66.7%, identified themselves as white, 17.6% Hispanic or Latino and 11.5% Black or African American. The median age in Kenosha County is about 39. The city was an important shipping port on the Great Lakes and has been growing in recent years.

    Kenosha’s biggest industries are in manufacturing and health care, though the city is also known for tourism and transportation, given its location on Lake Michigan and proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee. Warehousing became big after Amazon built some of its facilities in the area. The city recently led the state in private sector employment growth and houses the headquarters of a few global companies, including Snap-on Tools; Jockey International, which sells underwear, sleepwear and sportswear; and Uline, which provides shipping and business supplies.
    Despite recent growth, Kenosha’s economy has fallen below the national rate. The city’s median household income from 2014-18 was about $53,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That was $10,000 below the national rate of about $63,000 in 2018. About 18% of Kenosha residents were listed in the U.S. Census as living in poverty in 2019.

    Kenosha County is represented in Congress by Bryan Steil, a Republican elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. The city has long been led by Mayor John Antaramian, a Democrat first elected in 1992. True to Wisconsin’s status as a battleground state, Kenosha County has seen tight elections between Democrats and Republicans in recent years. In 2016, Donald Trump narrowly won the county by .33%, or 255 votes, over Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. That was the first time a Republican had won the county since 1972.

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