Wednesday , July 28 2021
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James Bond Aston Martin from 'Goldfinger' sells for $6 million

The James Bond 1965 Aston Martin DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’ may fetch $46 million.

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  1. It was not the actual car from Goldfinger. The original effects car was stolen in Tampa in 1997. This car was used in Thunderball.

  2. Goldfinger?
    Are these James bonds? Made themselves as bondboys band.

  3. IF THIS CAR went on auction during the winter, it will fetch a couple more million. In the summer most people are on Holiday, and not many bidders and buyers around.Six Million is not a lot compared to Patek Watches , one sold for $25mln, and is a watch not car

  4. He said this is “the Car”, but four were built.

  5. James Bond is going to be ruined with the release of 007 Jane Bond.

  6. it will definitely be worth $300 in scrap someday, I wonder wat fool is that will take the loss? Imagine how much more cash flow it will generate before someone crashes it?

  7. I would have paid 6 million one. Their loss 😎

  8. I would say the Batmobile is the worlds most famous car!!!

  9. Why are you blocking comments from many different stories?
    When news breaks,
    Fox fixes the news.
    Abominable corporation.

  10. what? are you saying you can actually drive this car?
    Anyone notice the description is only 40 million out

  11. Selling it before the dumpster fire that will be Bond 25.

  12. I would look at Chelsea Clinton naked to have that car….

  13. One might say its worth it's weight in Gold!

  14. Awesome! But honestly I think the Bat Mobile is "the most famous car in history".

  15. God I would give anything to have that

  16. But does it leak oil like everything else built in Britain?

  17. but epstein case is still a mystery smh

  18. Don't they make 8 of these for the movie…

  19. You know it was Robert Mueller that bought it with that sweet investigation money

  20. I prefer the Delorean from Back to the Future.

  21. I thought the real car was stolen in Florida and hasnt been seen since.

  22. 6 million is a bogus number historically…i bet it was way less

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