Saturday , December 5 2020
Home / News / James Clyburn Responds To Trump Tweet Comparing Impeachment To A Lynching | NBC News

James Clyburn Responds To Trump Tweet Comparing Impeachment To A Lynching | NBC News

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said that President Trump’s tweet comparing the impeachment inquiry to a lynching was “beneath the dignity” of the office of the president and called it an attempt to “change the narrative.”
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James Clyburn Responds To Trump Tweet Comparing Impeachment To A Lynching | NBC News


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  1. Everything thing is RACIST!!!! Gettin old!!!!! Whining bunch of ######

  2. What happened to Harvey Weinstein

  3. NBC protects rapists like Weinstein, Laurer and many others. BOYCOTT NBC

  4. Aehm.. Aehm .. FYI dear "educated" stable Trump-Geniuses and wannabes ( as Lindsey),

    the U.S. "Confederate gods squads", ergo mainly (White) religious conservative Republican police officers-led shooting of, and emptying of their gun clips on Black people, in those Black People's own homes or/and cars, on the street is de-facto just a more modernized form of lynching.

    Never-the-less it is politically (NRA+ & Co.) right-wing cartels well-funded hyper-militarized, now real ongoing real-life lynching.

    A by Trump-Republicans highly supported form of daily "lynching" of the so-called American Minorities, from Black People to so-called illegal Mexicans, LGBTQ+ and of the more Social-Liberal low-income Caucasians.

    Which translates to mean:

    See you all at the International Reparations Hearings, you Trump-Geniuses.

    Godless Best,


    Projectheureka LLC

  5. Well…. according to the U.S. Constitutions and U.S.A.' very own military doctrines such patent criminals in such extreme high places can only be adequately punished with Military executions, aka your most oldest definition of lynching.

    I agree with the U.S. Constitution on that particular aspect:

    Trump and his loyal Republicans who are proven guilty of treason should indeed be militarily executed. It is the laws of the land after-all. Unless you all are saying when it is the G.O.P. who are the highly treasonous White collar criminals totally different Admission privileges and "god'"-rules apply to conservative billionaires as Trump.

    But super tax-cheating pathological liars of uber-rich billionaire men and pedophile religious men's high privileges are not otherwise part of the pretty pretty misogynistic and racist old U.S. Constitutions. So military-led public lynching of Trump and his co criminal may legally apply.

    Just saying: Read your focking more concrete laws and Amendments et-all, will ya all now?! Splendid. Happy legal "lynching" of the Mafia Don then dear American people.

    Godless Best,


    Projectheureka LLC

  6. The origin of the word refers to British subjects who were disloyal to the crown. It was also used by the democrats military wing, the Klipsch Klux Klan. Later it was used by democrats describing the impeachment of Bill Clinton’(our “first black president”)

  7. Word lynching comes from willie lynch

  8. Trump = 666 🍊👿… 👍, Trump is Satan.

  9. Mr . Clyburn please reread the tweet. His use of that word is just as he said. Look up the word in the dictionary it's the same as in the tweet.

  10. Be careful Clyburn look what happened to Elijah……hahaha!

  11. The DC shorts on YouTube shows the dems using the word lynching numerous times when they impeached Clinton ………… hypocrites

  12. Whites" lynched aboriginal and native Negros, not (o-called) "African-Americans!"   Your tired use of that euphemism won't continue to work… Neither will constantly 'moving-the-goal posts.'    MANY "black-folks" know our history and who we truly are in this country.

  13. Lynching is an old Democrat tradition. 1/4 to 1/3 of lynchings were white men being killed by Democrats dressed in their bedsheets. The KKK (Democrats) wanted to scare people who supported, voted for or ran as Republicans. Submit or die, and today it looks like the spirit of the KKK (Antifa) is still alive and well in the Democrat party. Trump was right again. Don't you libs ever get tired of being on the wrong side of history?

  14. The Patriots killed the Jets last night.
    And by "killed" I mean they really dominated them.

    To be clear, no Jet player lost his life during or after the game. : )

    On a side note, Democrats used to literally lynch black people exclusively.

  15. I just started white womens thanks trump

  16. Are you freaking morons in the Democratic Party. He didn’t literally mean lynching. What he meant was the way he’s being treated not an actual Lynching. All of you congressman in Congress act like you got some common freaking sense. Oh I forgot who I was talking to the Democratic Party never mind

  17. OOOPS, THERE GOES OLD "BLACK PRIVILEGE" AGAIN. Lots of people were hanged, but nooses are RACIST. Lots of people have been LYNCHED, but using that word is RACIST. Blacks don't mind using the term HOLOCAUST to describe their lives, and they don't ming calling THEMSELVES "ISRAELITE HEBREWS' to claim that THEY ALONE HAVE SUFFERED. Racist lying hypocrites.

  18. Further proof that there are no depths to which DJT will not stoop in his fight to hold his power and money. This is clearly a racist dog air raid siren (not whistle) to try to call forth his most vile and loyal supporters.

  19. Criminal justice do you own that too ? .Im sorry but I dont understand how you think life can only impact blacks negatively.Some things are shared experiences. Spartacus was white as many
    Ottoman slaves were also white.

  20. Blacks were not the only people hanged throughout history.

  21. I wonder if Clyburn also knows the Democrat Party used the KKK to do their lynching.

  22. make sure the rope is strong enough

  23. More like the Spanish Inquisition

  24. Donald J. Trump is the embarrassment of the United States of America and the world. Trump's words would be used against Trump himself. Not the Democrats. Not the media nor the Republicans who do not support Trump.

  25. Boo boo. Loser like losing.

  26. Orange lord Farquaad spills more pearls of wisdom I see.

  27. Whites and blacks were lynched in “relatively equal” numbers in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. The worst year for whites was 1884 when 160 whites were lynched. Stop race baiting.

  28. Trump needs to be extracted before he can destroy any more allies or others.

  29. Look up lynching in the dictionary! It has nothing to do with race! STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD!

  30. Trump doesn’t live in the real world, and never will.

  31. Poor choice of words from an illegitimate President

  32. trump’s mother never taught him consequences, so to him the thought of facing them for the first time is terrifying. He is an ignorant racist imbecile. 🤢🤢🤢🤢

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