Saturday , January 23 2021
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James Comey under fire after reportedly being investigated over leaks

The Heritage Foundation’s senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky discusses a recent New York Times report that says former FBI director James Comey allegedly leaked classified information to the press.

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  1. They use Barrs only to accuse and have Fox News that leave Trumpers confused.

  2. If they were right in what they were doing..they wouldnt need to leak and set the media up. It just goes to show you this is all a treasonous move by scared leftists. Nothing untrue can stand the test of time. Its a matter of time before they all crumble and become irrelevant. Personally they are already irrelivant. They do NOTHING for their people. They allow illegals to have licenses. This is an INVITE to illegals. They know this. Foreigners are more important then their people or their peoples saftey and future. Disgusting.

  3. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

  4. Antifa are puppets for the Democrats. You don’t start locking these corrupt politicians up when their crimes are right out in the open for the American Public to see; you’re going to have problems on your hands.
    A wave of actual anarchists will rise up in the United States a group of men that want fairness amongst men. Men that don’t care about Republican or Democrat. Men that want true equality when crimes are being committed. This will happen if justice isn’t served to these corrupt politicians.

  5. Trump needs to pardon Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. He’s served 7 years in Prison for attempting to sell Obama’s vacant seat. These DNC members have committed far worse crimes and nothing has happened. Oh yeah and one of the men attempting to buy Obama’s seat (JB Pritzker) is now the Governor of Illinois. Democratic corruption is never ending. I wish nothing more than this political party to die off.

  6. More waste of time and money, nothing will happen.

  7. This man is a criminal. What are you waiting for, lady Justice?

  8. Oh please it can be tolerated and always is tolerated. Let’s be honest. Law is for controlling we the people. Leadership only follows law when it serves them.

  9. Endless investigations that lead to nothing. It’s all noise and distraction that leads nowhere. The leadership elite will not jail each other except to save their own skin.

  10. Screw that scheming weasel-dicked traitor.

  11. James Comey is a crim law enforcer caught out and tried to cover his crimes with the consent of the deep state.

  12. And it only took 2 years for them to go after Comey for bogus crap. What about all the counts of perjury they have him cold on camera committing??? They'll exonerate him, it's all a MF sham. DOJ is so corrupt.

  13. I doubt Comey will face any serious consequences he’s above the law.

  14. We always knew impachment would result in wild attempts by Barr to distract from Trump's misdeeds and political suicide. But Trump will continue reeking and in 12 months both he and Barr will be out and exposed to prosecution.

  15. Sure. Everybody in the Hussein admin is suppose to be under investigation. They're gonna drag this slow moving iceberg till hell freezes over. We're being played. Low level people get busted and that's the way it'll stay.

  16. If Barr has any complaints about anyone, he better move fast. In less than 12 months Barr and his boss will be out and exposed to criminal investigation.

  17. Comey the clown is going down.

  18. Like that matters anymore. Every crime that these elites do have been getting dropped and treated like it dosen't matter.

  19. All of these political figures are above the law unless they were involved with the election of Donald Trump. Look at who has been arrested and convicted vs who have NOT been charged. In other words none of these people are going to be charged with anything.

  20. Of Course! It does NOT Surprise me at all!!! And covering up Hillary & her BS! If this were any body else doing this! Oh my gosh The book would be thrown hard at the person! Yes he should be tried & investigated! But we all know they'll slap his fricken hand!

  21. I knew it I knew those terrorists Democrats are always up to something. Let's see what becomes to this. The terrorists Democrats need to go down in this election coming up.

  22. I’m tired of tv shows and books about the crimes committed by B. Husain O. and his Deep State conspirators! This is not NEWS. The average American has known about criminal Obama since before he occupied our White House. He and his whole gang need to be arrested for sedition.

  23. And there will be no repercussions for any of this. It's a joke!

  24. Trump supporters be like "Hillary EMAILS!!!! It's ok Ivanka, you and Jared can use your emails and phone to talk about classified stuff, you guys get a pass from us! "

  25. Trump supporters be like "He's for the middle class even though he hasn't pay his contractors and middle class workers in years!"

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