Monday , August 2 2021
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James Mattis on leaving the Trump admin, tensions with Iran

Former Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis (Ret.) on his resignation, why he left the Trump administration, the tensions with Iran, North Korea, the protests in Hong Kong, ISIS, President Trump’s relationship with the generals, former Vice President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the late Sen. John McCain.

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  1. Great General… but he is too hawkish and needs to care for our troops to be home from never ending war!

  2. Cavuto is a "Never Trumper." Poor dull Cavuto, trying to sling Obamahole Hillaryhole Berniehole swamp turd mudslides onto a classy smart General!

  3. Neil wants to heard Gen Mattis to say something bad against Potus

  4. Neil what are you trying to get from a true Patriot like Gen Mattis?

  5. Very respectful man Gen Mattis hank you sir for your services πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  6. Neil again with his anti Trump BS!.

  7. Why is everything he's saying a frickin' ALERT? It's a live interview and I gotta hear that noise every ten seconds for something the interviewee just said! I like Fox Business generally, but God who produced this?

  8. Americans can be proud that we still have Generals who serve with honor. The General is spot on when he discusses that we (Americans) should "get back to being hard on issues, and not one each other. We can have a difference of opinion on an issue, and one or the other be totally correct on their opinion, and we could still be friends and have dinner together. The Gunny

  9. Neil Cavuto is against USA????? what happen to Fox News!!!

  10. Neil Cavuto is so negative!! why you don't work for CNN or MSNBC…

  11. I enjoy mattis very much, his calm resolve on all situations is very important in his previously held position. He cares about his words and how it is said. He is not easily pushed to say something accidentally. He is a man FOR this country and not against it. We need more men like this, that need to be shooting more towards the understanding that war is necessary but not the only option. He is also a man that holds the old ways close to his heart, in knowing that his position in any case IS to serve..

    I'd vote for him for presidency definitely and I've never voted in my entire life.

  12. At Least we have people that know when to retire not stay until they die

  13. THE FIRST QUESTION IS "WHY YOU DON'T TRASH THE PRESIDENT"? Wow. Cavuto is a non starter.

  14. This is a old school man. One that came out of the coal war a winner. So get someone that gets that part of our America. Ready to. Take up forward to the next. Obama was only a vacation now the real work starts

  15. A stand up guy- very disapointed In his departure from the Trump administration.

  16. way to go general!!! Dont trash the pres..even if you disagree… what would have happened if people trashed Obama like they do trump?? RACIST!!! would have been yelled from every hill top

  17. James Mattis is a deep stater who went on CSPAN with NY Times Communist David Brooks to virtue signal that he believed in global warming and surrendering our constitutional liberties to accommodate domestic enemy Communist eco freaks.

  18. Mattis wrote a book about leadership. Stop trying to make him talk about Trump. He said at the beginning he didn't want about the current administration.

  19. Mattis an example of honor and the values that are missing currently in this World

  20. Semper Fidelis…Always Faithful.. seems to mean something to General Mattis.

  21. i'll take Maria over this milk and cookies boy Cavuto any day

  22. Whenever general Mattis is in command, I always know the country is gonna be safe. 😊❀️
    He's a brilliant strategist with so much integrity, everything he says makes so much sense.

  23. Not a fan of Neil or Mattis…:(

  24. Nice try, Cavuto. You suck.

  25. It speaks volumes of the greatness of Trump's choices that he put this outstanding General on the front lines of his government! Barr in the DOJ, Pompeo in State, etc, etc. Cavuto is getting a refined taste of the best of our military!


  27. typo: General James Mattis

  28. Neil why don't you go to work for CNN.

  29. Neil Cavuto, General James Mathis reports to an elected President of the United States not to a discredited hosts like you! One sided questions just to smear a sitting President, pathatic!

  30. What did Neil want Mattis to say about Trump?

  31. another loser tries to peddle his book which is heading for the trash bin


  33. Regardless of his opinions on operations, MATTIS is a stand up guy with a high sense of duty and morality. Well done sir.

  34. Gen. Mattis is a great leader. I hope he will have the opportunity to contribute to our nation in the future. He and Dr.Carson are the two best appointments of President Trump. Gen. Mattis and Dr. Carson both have class.

  35. Gen. Mattis is a great leader. I hope he will have the opportunity to contribute to our nation in the future. He and Dr.Carson are the two best appointments of President Trump. Gen. Mattis and Dr. Carson both have class.

  36. It's it wasn't for Tucker in hannity I wouldn't watch Fox News anymore fact be known

  37. Cavuto is a hack and he sounds like he has some nuts still in his throat….he sounds like a CNN groupie!

  38. Why did he call us a Democracy. We are a Republic! That is what we stand for

  39. Overall, this was an excellent interview.

  40. Neil have you ever trach your boss or your father if they don't like what you do or not following directions

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