Jan. 6 committee issues subpoenas for top Republican members l GMA

The committee subpoenaed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other GOP members of Congress for testimony about events surrounding the Capitol riot and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Just one year too late. They will drag through subpoenas until Nov then dump everything..to late now.

  2. I'm absolutely amased that ANYONE still trusts government. It shows EXACTLY how much CONTROL these fu–ing morons have over the people. Pay attention folks, it's not just the criminal government that is the problem! It's the moronic people that have been indoctrinated into ALL THEIR BU-L-HIT that are our biggest problem!!

  3. Why doesn't ABC let me put in the website for 2000 MULES ?

  4. I don’t understand why members of Congress like McCarthy are refusing to tell everything they know. Didn’t they take an oath to protect democracy? You would think they would want the truth to come out. What are they hiding?

  5. how much more of our tax dollars are going to be spent chasing geese? of those convicted, only 2 are felonies and none are violent.

    this is not what people elected representatives to do. protect the borders, keep the food available, and make us energy independent again.

    thats why you were elected, nothing else.


  7. Those Republicans need to give Nazi Pelosi's illegitimate, Kangaroo Kourt Kommittee the finger. 🖕😀🖕

  8. SCREW JON KARL!!!!!
    He's a damn stupid Radical Leftist Unamerican!!!!

  9. It takes the people's money to subpoena these people and it takes the people's money to fight these subpoenas and nothing is ever accomplished so I guess it's just the little people who lose as always

  10. Nothing gonna happen, just a smoke screen and a bunch of lip service, if these where the general public citizens, yeah, but, politics are crooked and corrupted and always will be.

  11. The question is why did Trump take so many boxes of classified information home?

  12. I have to laugh at Jordans claim that it is a partisan witch hunt. What Jordan is actually saying if only republicans as a group commit a crime democrats can't press charges or they will be accused of being partisan. OMG, Jordan has warped reasoning and he is a member of congress.

  13. "Jan. 6 committee issues subpoenas for top Republican members" so let's #ConvinceItForward

  14. When will the investigation begin for the insurrections taking place at Supreme Court Justice’s residences by violent left wing maniacs?

  15. zzzzz It’s called A kangaroo court and a witchhunt that nothings gonna come of anything…Meanwhile these January 6 committee get extra money for what they’re doing

  16. 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
    "Misprision of felony" is a crime that occurs when someone knows a felony has been committed but fails to inform the authorities about it. The crime originated in English common law and required that citizens report crimes or face criminal prosecution."——- poooooor complicit Trumpian idiots. 🤣😆😎🍿🍻

  17. Speaker at my house my ass is likely to be the next dead son of a bitch allowing treason against the United States

  18. As elected officials and lawmakers, they have an obligation to the American people to testify under oath and respect the subpoenas just as they would expect from others. It's really irritating for reporters to call these subpoenas unprecedented! What is unprecedented is for an ex-president to incite a violent attack against his own nation's Capitol! What is unprecedented is for members of Congress to participate in "rebellion against the government" which they were elected to serve and took an oath to protect! It is unprecedented for both McCarthy and McConnell to be against investigating the attack and a violation of their own oath by preventing those involved from being exposed, expelled and prosecuted. Further, it will be absolutely unprecedented to allow a twice impeached ex-president to once again run for office when he has already proven that he is not capable of allowing a peaceful transfer of power.

  19. I am very happy that Jan6 is doing great job,

  20. If we look ahead to the possibility of a conviction on Contempt charges for legislators that refuse to comply with the Subpoenas it would mean that those convicted would be expelled from Congress and not able to run ever again. Does not fare well for a political Party to loose candidates or seats prior to the mid term election.

  21. January 6th circus continues

  22. Hopefully the speaker of the big house (prison) in an orange suit.

  23. the committee is a shame. why arn't they talk about brandon destroying the country. wow all you fake news station have to be kidding everyone. trump trump trump

  24. Everyone in the cabal of leading political operatives leading up to the J6 insurrection should be compelled to testify before the committee, including Trump himself.

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  26. The bottom line is pelosi was basically in charge of security. She planned 1/6 because her intention was to use those patriots as an example of what would happen in the future to anyone if they stood up to bidens destruction of America.

  27. Historic inflation,Historic gas prices,food shortages but let's focus on three broken windows that happened well over a year ago that will help Americans now.

  28. This such BS they never play all of the audio recordings and they edit most of it and pick out certain ones to play now Democraps are scared and are making stories up about the people who put Americans first Americans are smart we no BS when we see it and smell it Democraps are nuts and mainstream media are and they are the biggest spreaders of disinformation then anyone it's wrong to storm the Capitol but it's ok to burn court houses cars and businesses and other stuff and go up to people eating and tell them to leave and steal but that's ok to Dems . And half them idiots if not more are the ones who signed things into place that made our country what it is today and they complain about it. Just my opinion on some of it but other stuff you can read else where actual truth

  29. And they will ignore said subpoenas with no consequences…. Next.

  30. Jan 6 committee is a dictatorship of thugs ! Same thugs who scream attack the constitution when in a supposed democracy SCOTUS follows the constitution to send abortion back to the states as the constitution dictates. Yet these same HYPOCRITES are the first to attack a civil ruling !!!

  31. All hands should be on deck until the formula and gas crisis are solved. Why are we wasting our time on this garbage?

  32. Meanwhile leftists are launching an insurrection at scotus homes.

  33. Give it a rest George. No matter what the Dems are screwed. Thank God for that

  34. People are getting hip to this waste of time and resources during a time when we don’t have them to waste
    This money could be going to help people but here we are, there will be no consequences for any politician. Right or left.

  35. Lol they are so desperate to paint Republicans as the insurrectionists nd failing time ad time again.. can't wait to see the lefts texts and emails 😆