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Janet Jackson surprises dad who attended concert as Father's Day gift

The popstar snuck up behind Keith Strawder after a concert in Las Vegas as he spoke about how it was a “highlight…just seeing her on stage.”




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  1. That was so special! He will remember that for a lifetime. Janet was a good sport about taking the time to do this. She really appreciates her fans. Great artist! Peace

  2. I don't why but this has just put a smile on my face

  3. hope he ain't married tho😄

  4. I love that woman and i love those men for doing their Dad the best Fatherrs Day . Oh boy Janest is just the coolest

  5. I stopped breathing for him…WOW 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. his breath was taken away,but to have Janet Jackson grab you from behind and start talking

  7. My favorite video for the day…. im still smiling

  8. Great story. I'm a Janet fan too.

  9. Those son’s were very fortunate to have the Opportunity to give this greet to their father. The surprise on his face was great. I hope Janet Jackson appreciates her fans. There was a long time when you didn’t see that from her. So I stopped following her as a fan of her music. But no matter what I wish her the best. Good to see her connect with a fan.

  10. Nice…..👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. That's so beautiful and very sweet!

  12. My heart jumped when she touched him as if I was the one being touched. Weird feeling.

  13. You can see his heart skipping beats as janet hugged him. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Lord i would’ve melt Janet Janet Janet 🤤😋😩🙌🏾

  15. and I get nothing for. fathers day but. a card

  16. Go girl!!! Ms. janet. 😍 I 💗 U to death, Janet 💋

  17. I would of died if I met Janet Jackson in person.

  18. How nice Janet and her fans are so cool

  19. I could watch this 100 times. That was so wonderful of her to agree to meet him.

  20. day made 😀 enjoy your Tuesday everyone

  21. David Muir is so gorgeous! Just sayin'! 💕

  22. WOW thanks for a Positive Uplifting Story, how fortunate that man is , good sons and Miss Jackson giving back..She is and always will be a Legend!

  23. Janet like 60 so it's not the thrill it once was. In 1964 The Mama's and Papas played Calgary Stampede and the back up was 'The Jackson Five'. THAT was awesome. Calgarians had never seen so many black people all together and unlike Amurikuns, we weren't scared.😨

  24. All I can say is, " What amazing sons"! Whoah!!! " I LOVE "Penny too"!

  25. I held my breath with him lmao 🤣

  26. Talk about a extravagant gift I can't help but wonder how they pulled this off!!

    While it was amazing what the sons did for their father, guess what?! Next time they ask their dad for something their dad can go since y'all are so close to Janet ask her instead!

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