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January Topshop & River Island Haul & Try On! | Fashion Mumblr

Getting spendy in Topshop & River Island! A huge haul and try on session 🙂

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♡ What I Bought ♡

River Island:

Beige Belted Cape – http://bit.ly/1PNWK3V
Grey Tassle Skirt –
Black Lace Bikini – http://bit.ly/1OEKWC6
Tortoise Sunglasses – http://bit.ly/1IKXGqo
Cat Eye Sunglasses – http://bit.ly/1PTeEUN
Faux Snake Bag – http://bit.ly/1mIsMVZ


Black & White Leopard Skirt – http://bit.ly/1OScLJc
Pink Coat – http://bit.ly/1MXsC1y
Burgundy Polo Neck – http://bit.ly/1OELHLB
Grey Funnel Neck – http://bit.ly/1RdO4ai
Pink Zip Back Jumper – http://bit.ly/1PNXLJj
Black Press Stud Body – http://bit.ly/1OSdj1O
Suedette Playsuit – http://bit.ly/1PNXZ3g
Grey V Neck Jumper – http://bit.ly/1mItQJx
Saddle Bag – http://bit.ly/1ZaQCoU

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  1. ❤️ love your style 😇💜

  2. I love ❤️ the first bag, keep it 😇💜

  3. I've just watched this & i love to see what dexter is getting up to it made me laugh so much with your photo &description.you are one of my most favourite you tubers Josie because you have such a genuine gifted uniqueness in everything you put up here. Just wanted to say thank you for making me smile in a world where these days there needs to be more smiles .Susan

  4. Just watched this, oh Josie you are so funny love hearing & seeing what dexter gets up to& at the beginning i couldn't stop laughing at the picture & your description. You are one of my absolute favourites on the whole of YouTube. I'd be absolutely lost without your sense of joy,uniqueness you have in every aspect what represents you on here& that is a truly gifted genuine person.Thank you for always giving me a reason to smile daily in a world that needs to smile more

  5. love love love the topshop coat! p.s where's the jumper you're wearing from?

  6. Josie would you be able to list the make up you are wearing here, sorry to be a pain but it is such a beautiful look! also love all the items here xx

  7. Awwwww Dexter!! How do you get anything done ever?!

  8. Your style !! 😍🙌🏼 lovely video once again☺️

  9. Those bags are so cute! I wouldn't have looked twice at them in a store, but now I really want one! I love your videos, keep up the great work <3

  10. That Topshop bag is stunning! It does look very Chloe-esque! xx

  11. You are so beautiful and i love how you style everything 💜

  12. This year in my opinion topshop was the best

  13. Ahh I love the roll neck with the fluttery sleeves (if that makes sense) looks so good on you, I'm coming to London this week and might have to pop in a few shops now 🙂 haha xox

  14. Great video as always. I prefer the saddle bag to the other one, as I love that design and have been listing after a Chloe one since I saw it on Instagram

  15. I loved that black bikini from RI, will look gorgeous on holiday! Xx

  16. Loved every single piece! Might need to go shopping now (yay!) xxx

  17. Cute clothes,  you Josie is very fashionable😖😃👢👖👗👚👠

  18. Lovely haul Josie!!!:))))

  19. Hi, where did you get those amazing grey over the knee boots? They are gorgeous! 😍

  20. Wow!great haul!
    Really enjoyed watching, loved everything!
    The bikini is so cute!
    Wish you a fab sunday!

  21. You Are so nice ❤️ you deserve so many more subscribers

  22. I wouldn't keep the river island bag as I got one last year and used it for about two weeks before it broke.

  23. omg I have to get the dior sunglasses dupe 🙂

  24. Love the baby pink coat with the rose gold detailing 😍

  25. Love the turtle neck jumper you are wearing!!

  26. Love everything u got ❤ Sending love from Cairo 😊

  27. The pink coat is lovely and I would pass on the River Island bag xo

  28. The river island stone kimono is slightly too Star Wars for me! The topshop coat is fab 😍

  29. Love your videos. Where do you get the hangers from

  30. That pink coat from Topshop is gorgeous.

  31. Hi, great haul😀i would say no to the bag😊

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