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Jason Momoa and 'The Rock' visit Hawaii protestors | USA TODAY

First ‘The Rock’, now Jason Momoa visits Hawaiian protesters blocking massive telescope.
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Momoa visited Native Hawaiian protesters blocking the construction of a giant telescope on Mauna Kea.

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  1. Let me put this into a more relatable analogy. Imagine if Putin came to America, and decided that he wanted to build a nuclear research facility at Arlington cemetery. Would you be ok with that?

  2. its about the big planet thats headed our way! look it up "second sun"….

  3. I think I would worry more if I was a native Hawaiian about the 50% of my people that are addicted to methamphetamine and other drugs ! I've been to Hawaii and I lived in Las Vegas or tons of Hawaiians live that left the island for two reasons drug addiction and violence among indigenous people !

  4. Ok, fine.. if you don't want to participate in modern society we will just come around with big basket and you can place in it all of your cell phones, medications, bicycles, car keys, books, vaccines, air conditioners, eyeglasses, computers, airplane tickets, refrigerators, surgical supplies, dialysis machines etc…. and you can have back your 20 fold child mortality, subsistence farming, 32 year average lifespan, and telescope free mountain tops. People somehow believe that life was great in the past. Believe me, the un-contacted tribes with intestinal worms and forced marriage are not exactly happy.

  5. The Canary Islands (under Spanish govt) is openly and actively seeking to have the telescope built there. ASAP. NO red tape, no delays… why don't they just give up fighting on the HI location (4 yrs already) and go there? Start building tomorrow!

  6. Queen Liliuokalani once said, ( Beware of the White Sharks ( the Niuhi )
    who will come ro devour our aina) lands
    On January 17, 1893, American military took part in a conspiracy led by a small group of wealthy businessmen (Like This Japanese governor Ige & Hawaii Island Korean mayor Kim.. Both Non Hawaiians & Both Foreigners) Like White/Caucasian sugar plantation owners to overthrow the monarchy of Queen Liliuokalani. Hawaii's last queen, Liliuokalani, withdrew from the throne to avoid bloodshed but did not immediately abdicate her title.
    This PROBLEM with TMT and it's sneaky investors Role is to acquire a mountain & wanting to Occupy ALL of Mauna Kea's Aina with it's roads to the summits! AND: David Ige with his invested powers and his government appointed cronies are all about making this happen for a bunch of foreigners with money ( Hawaiian History Repeating It's Self) ..
    Right Now I DON'T see this happening by the governor or mayor…

    TMT wants to be able to GET A Long Term Occupancy to Live and Never leave..
    Eventually we people will see TMT put up their giant fences, just like the ones that the U S air force have on Oahu, surrounding the summit a top Mt. Kaala…
    Our publics Mauna kea top Make Private and these TMT parasites Would Never Have To Leave! 
    Mind you this is not a Democratic way nor a Republican's way, THIS IS about a Japanese old-man who wants every one to believe that he's is a straight arrow when it comes to him and his decisions and actions?
    This governor is no straight arrow, he's already proven that he don't fly straight.. Besides it appears obvious that Ige has become a pathetic liazon for TMT by the way he engaged in a mindless conspiracy by feigning the Truth & it's facts to undermine (The Hawaiian People and their Hawaiian Nation and All it's people , along W/WE Long time Kamaainas who's genealogy goes way back) & way Prior to President Eisenhower putting forth " a proclamation " that Hawaii is now a state….
    NOTE That ALL of Mauna Kea is a critical part of the Hawaiian ceded lands trust that the state of Hawaii "must protect and preserve for future generations pursuant to it's Hawaiian Kuliana Rights!
    Right Now WE Hawaiian & Local People DON'T see this happening by the this governor or mayor…
    We support this Nation, But WE Are Stronger with in Our own home lands here in Hawaii ..
    As a Sovereign Hawaiian Nation and it's Hawaiian Race of Descendants …
    We are the True Descendants & the True Owners with Anbiel Rights to this AINA'S Hawaiian Seeded/lands that was " illegally over thrown On Jan. 17, 1893,  when Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown, when a group of businessmen (selfmade american politicians) and american sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate so the United States could come in and Occupy , and set up their government and backed by it's military and never left till today  IS HAPPENING NOW!

    Hawaiian Kingdom along with the Thousands & Thousands of supporters and Protectors ARE NOT Giving up OUR Hawaiian Mountain MAUNA KEA to some greedy flake of a temporary Japanese governor or to this temporary Korean mayor of Hawaii Island… These 2 bozos cant sell barter or trade Mauna Kea that has never belonged to them…To this wealthy group of Pathetic Wealthy TMT Real Estate Investors who can buy pathetic politicians as their pinocchio puppets … JMO!

    There is still time to save our heritage and preserve what We here have throughout Hawai'i. 

            " You must remember never to cease to act because you fear you may fail." Queen Liliuokalani.

  7. Damnit!!! Damn caucasus!!! Destroy a culture just to look back. I am sure there other uncharted areas which visibility may be just as awesome if not better. Has anyone considered snake island?!

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