Saturday , January 22 2022
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Jay-Z Deal With NFL To Include Entertainment Ventures, Social Activism Campaign | NBC Nightly News

Once a critic of the NFL after protests of the National Anthem by Colin Kaepernick, music and business mogul Jay-Z now says he can have an impact on the league from the inside out.
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Jay-Z Deal With NFL To Include Entertainment Ventures, Social Activism Campaign | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Yo i dont see the issue here.. Kaep dont have a problem with the nfl..

  2. He’s pulling a Rodney king… shame on him!



  5. If Trump has blood on his hands for El Paso and Dayton then rappers definitely have blood on their hands for police brutality. Are we talking about facts or are we taking about fiction?

  6. So is Jay-z going to change and not influence his fan base to have a criminal mentality? I don’t think so. How come we don’t have Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Mexican, or Russian ownership? Where is their voice?

  7. The domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa carried out attacks at a “right-wing” rally in Portland, Oregon on Saturday by targeting peaceful rally goers, police, and members of the press. As the liberal media have done in the past, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Sunday Today, carried water for the extreme left-wing terrorists by downplaying their actions and by suggesting they’re simply “counter-protesters”.

  8. He’s apart of the entertainment and activism section so how would he have the authority to get kapernet his job back? 🤦🏾‍♀️ black ppl we need to stop this we need to do more research and try understanding both sides before we start calling people uncle toms and sell outs. Jay z has no authority to employ rehire or fire anyone in the NFL. If I’m missing something someone please educate me so I can check myself


    Jay Z turned down the Super Bowl after Kaepernick was bench. Beyoncé, Adel, Brittany Spears, Rihanna & Cardi B sited the SAME reasons when they declined to the NFL. Artists not only get publicity but are paid, low ball $1.3 million for a Super Bowl performance. Remember these facts.

    Kaepernick’s last game with the 49ers he only completed ONE pass out of 5. Remember this fact.

    Jay Z is worth over $1 Billion. This was never about money. 4:44 “I don’t need you. You need me.”

    Eric Reid filed his lawsuit for collusion WITH Kaepernick against the NFL. Mark Geragos was their attorney. They both were granted equal settlements with the agreement to a non disclosure agreement signed by both. NEITHER Kaepernick nor Reid disclosed info on the settlement nor the NDA.

    Eric Reid signed to play for the Panthers. He was a free agent. He signed to a 3 year, $22 million contract. He NEVER LOST ANY MONEY.

    The 49ers did not want Kaepernick back, especially AFTER this, he met with the owners demanding $20 million a year. He had originally signed a $14.3 million a year contract in 2016. Remember the above fact that he played poorly his last game. Lawsuit settles but he’s still a free agent. Combine the “negative” publicity the team & NFL received when Kaepernick silently protested with the really influential artists who were also boycotting the NFL. Recall the statements your current president of the United States said in regards to Kaepernick. Trump comes from old money. Guess who are big donors for the NRA & Republican National Committee?

    4 teams were looking at Kaepernick when he became a free agent: the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Sea Hawks & Denver Broncos. Just like she spoke out to say Jay Z had not called Kaepernick (in the interview, he said they had spoken) on every social media platform that she has, Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, dragged the entire NFL, calling them racists. She did this as these 4 teams were in talks with Kaepernick. Please noted KAEPERNICK, BEYONCÉ NOR REID’S WIFE HAVE SPOKEN ABOUT ANY OF THIS TO THE PUBLIC & THEY WILL NEVER.

    Jay Z regrets 2 things in life. If you’re a fan, you know it’s cheating on his wife & stabbing Big Un for bootlegging his music. That man does not make rash decisions. He has always been calculated. Look at his passed interviews. He does everything for a reason.

    Jay Z definitely will not stop the fight for social justice. He has 14 charities & also partnered with the federal government to implement 2 businesses: The Form Alliance & Re Entry Resource Center. Look those 2 important things up & understand this: that man has never been a sucker nor sellout. Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend & Eric Reid shot off Colin Kaepernick’s nose to spite his face. With partial ownership is going to come influence & eventually full ownership. If you have not listened to Jay Z’s 4:44 album in it’s entirety, you’re doing yourself a disservice. One more thing. Jay Z signed Kanye West. Again, Jay Z signed Kanye West. Kanye started moving funny, talking loud in front of “white folks” & you see Jay Z’s response to that. He will not address this issue again. All action, no talk. Not even for Kaepernick unless it’s alone, without Reid & his girlfriend. Colin Kaepernick did something so brave & it’s not going to be forgotten.The best way he could have bossed up was slide right next to Jay Z at the table. He can afford to after his settlement. Chess never checkers.

  10. I seriously boycotted the NFL when Kapernick was fired and stood by it.. Blacks deserve real change and I want to be part of that change.. I never listen to Jay Z so already have him on mute anyway….. Jay Z has undermined his own peoples struggle and betrayed those of us standing in solidarity

  11. Oh I bet the paycheck is huge… duh….

  12. Amerikkka is to dumb to understand basic logic just like Amerikkka hated Martin Luther King they wanted him dead. That's why their white Jesus is not coming back because they killed Martin Luther king already. How could you not want to honor real patriots like Harriet Tubman or Martin Luther king. Amerikkka only cares about their piggy police and bad politicians. Don't sell your soul and ethics like Jayz just done Roger Goodell is laughing at this camel lip fool.

  13. Colin kaep took a check so did Reid. Jay-Z is our voice at the table.

  14. All I know is Hov got football bars xoming up soon enough

  15. Just like the video says he is capitalizing off of kap just like he's doing with Nipseys demise

  16. It’s business baby😂see who’s lost at the end

  17. Another black clowns selling out.

  18. You think Jay-Z cares about all that? He just wants paid by the NFL!

  19. ….JZ is a sell out ….that why he looking like crack head Carl…..

  20. Power move, small minds won't understand it, he putting himself and the table as an equal, that's how you change things, all protesting got Kaepernick was some attention and unemployed, truth be told, he standing up for people who still grab the remote and support the organization he at odds with, and still buy and wear their favorite team jerseys etc. Jay just made a power move and gave himself a voice with some say so, in the NFL!

  21. They didn't partner with jayz they just hired him.. I'm sure somebody was organizing the entertainment before. They just fired the old guy and hired Jay-z and increased the salary.

  22. Wtf is a rouge? I gotta figure that out so I don’t look stupid when I watch the CFL with my friends.

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