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Jean Cramer: Marysville candidate remains in race after racist comments | USA TODAY

After making racist remarks in Thursday’s Marysville candidate forum, City Council candidate Jean Cramer responds to questioning by a Times Herald reporter at her Marysville home Friday, Aug. 23, 2019.

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  1. No mixing. Caucasian with Caucasian White with White African with African Asian with Asians Arabic with Arabic Pacific Islander with PI end of story god is warning us mixing as consequences ….

  2. is the best week of my summer and my family is coming back from the city

  3. Im so petty I'll move my black ass to Marysville just to piss her off!!

  4. I LOVE it when Caucasian's have honesty restored…she is a saint and should be celebrated for having more balls than most of these other pilgrims.

    She is entitled both by human and White-given right of the United States Of Stolen America to stand proudly on her views…I'd vote for her just for the fact of her honesty alone.

    and for the record: "AHH! Thats KAYUTE!!!" lol
    shout out to Mo Collins of Mad TV

  5. The thing is if this bat shit crazy old lady had any education whatsoever would be able to comprehend that those folks that wrote the Bible from that region had brown skin not pasty white skin

  6. Lady is Super ignorant and embarrassing to white people.

  7. That Is FREAKINN Lorraine from MadTV🤔🤣

  8. The journalist failed. Whenever she quote the scriptures ask her a Simple question where is it written in the bible ? Which verses supports her claim?

  9. I love her hair style🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Lmao what does the Bible got to do with interracial marriage? This book must be really good because it's always telling people different stories.


  12. She will burn in hell along with that horrible hair

  13. To tell you the truth I'm not even mad at this old lady because atleast she's upfront and not in the closet about her racist views and comments hell that city is over 90% white I'm more than positive she ain't the only one that feels that way she's just the only one brave enough to say it

  14. STOP YOU GUYS, you can clearly see she is not ok.. she has mental issues I'm sure..


  16. God bless white truth tellers. Inarticulate as they may be, god bless this woman. 14

  17. “A lot of people don’t know what’s in the Bible” People like you got rid of the early testaments of the Bible by burning it. This lady need to check her self big time. Times have changed. That’s that pro-Trump stuff that she on.

  18. There is a Trump supporter for you.

  19. Lol no wonder the world thinks common Americans are the dumbest fcks in the world.

  20. I didn't even know Bellwether got paroled : /

  21. Another silly old white lady stuck in the wrong year

  22. Why she sound like she just suck in helium

  23. She doesn’t speak for our city

  24. The Bible???? What are you saying???this is your brain on drugs and MAGA kids…watch out

  25. Well she clearly doesn't know the Bible. Ruth, whom was taken in my Naomi (Isrealite), and Ruth married Boaz (Isrealite) who was a relative of Naomi. Ruth is a Moab (a different nationality). So interracial relations were common. Also Moses' wife was a midianite….soooooo she's inaccurate. The only people the bible says not to marry is an unbeliever.

  26. I find it weird most racist people don't believe they are racist…

  27. Very confidently States, "I'm NOT A RACIST " WTFF??? 😳😳👁👁

  28. And no the Bible doesn't say interracial marriage is wrong it actually encourages it. She needs to just die.

  29. The lady said she thinks everyone should "marry their own kind". In reality white men can marry and screw and date every other race and ethnic group besides white women, and white people really don't get upset about it. White men screwing black, Arab Asian, Hispanic, Latino, East Indian, Native American Indian women is ok with white people and ok with every other race and ethnic group too. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were screwing their black female slaves (there is DNA evidence), yet Washington and Jefferson are still "great men". But everyone gets all upset when black men are giving the man-meat to women from other races and ethnic groups. Everyone gets all upset about black men, meanwhile white men are showering their women with semen. Where's the outrage?

  30. Hey people, this lady is being honest about the way she feels. Many, many, many, many white people feel this way. All ages of white people all over the USA. At least half of the total white population of the USA. Don't act shocked and surprised, u all know it's true. As for black American descendants of slaves being racist towards whites, when black ADOS gain as much socioeconomic control of whites that'll be an issue. Despite what entertainment and media throws out, despite black ADOS athletes and celebrities, white people still own almost everything in USA and have almost all the wealth in USA. I'm not just talking about millionaires and billionaires either. I'm talking about laws, policies, and procedures at all levels of government against black ADOS. I'm talking about most businesses and organizations being against black ADOS. Those are the primary reasons black ADOS, with few exceptions, were not able to acquire land and wealth in the way whites were. Secondary reasons arw how screwed up black ADOS are. Little things, like having houses and property and land passed down from generation to generation, like getting a little inheritance of a few hundred thousand dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Much more common amongst white society than black society because of the laws, policies, and procedures I mentioned. As for the 13th, 14th & 15th ammendments, and the Civil Rights Acts – all levels of government and most entities, businesses and organizations came up with laws, policies and procedures to nullify abd counteract any laws, acts and ammendments meant to benefit black ADOS. This lady Jean Cramer knows exactly what she's talking about. Don't delude yourselves. In short, black ADOS en masse didn't really begin to have some of the opportunities that whites have until the 1970s.

  31. The racist god of Israel is responsible for this mess.

  32. Totally oblivious….she still thinks its 1965……Ahh….Trumps America 👎🤡

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