Thursday , September 16 2021
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Jeff Bezos Offers NASA $2 Billion Discount For Lunar Contract

After his trip to space, Jeff Bezos is offering NASA a $2 billion discount in efforts to win a contract to help build the lunar landing system to put astronauts back on the moon. 
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  1. If bezos wants to be a hero in life he should feed a lot of people around the world with his kindness, then I'll be impressed.

  2. This is his goal. That contract $$$$

  3. You don't get to change the price after you know the price of the winning bid! I hope every company is successful in space, but Jeff Bezos seems like a jerk to me. maybe if the would all joint together, we wouldn't need NASA

  4. That's only 2000 Jeff Bezos dollars. They're not pesos, they're bezos now lol

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  7. Just remember NASA… You get what you pay for.

  8. Pathetic! To my mind he pays taxes, what people are complaining about is that Amazon doesn't collect taxes on items sold, may be different in various places. So goverments federal, provincial or state don't get retail taxes. He is a con artist! He is finished with Amazon because I figure it will be broken up soon. They have to break it up way to much power and control. There has to be competition for the average person to get a fair deal.

  9. Sure now that he lost the bid for the HLS contract now he is willing to knock off 2 Billion dollars? Maybe he shouldve just bid that price when he had the chance..

  10. Leave the moon alone! Go fly your space craft to the Sun 🔥🥵👿💥☠️ heat, sweat,you, explode and death


  12. This sounds like bribery? Besides that. SpaceX has been ahead of the curve from day one.

  13. No. Its unfair? Is that what the billionaire said.

  14. you know what happens if someone dies from the lander?…. they will say cause bezos cheaped out

  15. The irony of him wanting competition in this endeavor that he loss while he continues to have Amazon trying to run like a monopoly. Amazon is a horrible heartless company and those things start at the top which is him.

  16. That still good. He can use those money to fire all basic labor workers and replace them all with robots. Cut off a lot of complains if it be used that way.

  17. So $2B for the $24B his net worth increased from oligarch covid policies and handouts while the rest of us pee in gatorade bottles.

  18. Jeff Bezos, despite being the world richest man, only pay 0.98% of income tax. So this 2 billions discount will be a good write off for his next 10 year tax return. I don't think state will be actually saving this 2 billions in the end. Unlike SpaceX which is already sending crews to international space station, Blue origin can only go to 65 miles above the ground in current state. Feasibility is another factor to consider.

  19. Isn't that called BRIBERY OF A GOVERNMENT AGENCY?!?!?!

  20. Are the Amazon employees gonna pay for that 2 billion dollar contract too?

  21. 2 billion for nothing give to the poor why so much like to go too space it is ufo jef bezos 😏

  22. Go to Orbit first not just on edge of space 😖

  23. Is there anything Bezos and Musk can't buy? …I mean, besides humanity and decency.

  24. Send some astronauts to the space station and then maybe we can talk…

  25. He's not offering anything, he just proposed an inflated price early to then make it tempting by offering a "discount". And i wouldn't be surprised if this comes along with him demanding 3 billion in subsidies or rebates for amazon.

    If only his rocket had exploded…

  26. Finding real world solutions for homelessness in states he has huge businesses in just wasn’t as exciting

  27. The state could do a lot with 2 billions saved.
    Especially right now with covid.

  28. It's actually very smart. I think Jeff Bezos wants to prove if NASA "really" could send a man to moon after several decades (or not)!!! Looking forward to see the NASA's reaction. If they say "NO" I would be so convinced that "nobody went to moon 52 years ago!!!!

  29. Has he put even ONE spacecraft in orbit???

  30. No one man should have all that power.

  31. I would like to know what the wholesale price of a contract.

  32. Shouldn't it be FREE in lieu of TAXES UNPAID???

  33. So, instead of paying his fair share of taxes, he's trying to look like a good guy.

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