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Jeffery Epstein dies by suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan

The day before, bombshell documents connected to Epstein’s court case in deposition testimony included bold-face names.

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  1. I don’t blame him. There are worst things than death. Being locked in a cage. In an building where everyone wants to kill you to upgrade their status would be one. It’s terrible we lock up murders and non violent criminals in the same building in this country.

  2. I am not surprised all of these billionaires are being found dead who are Trumps biggest financial backers with dirty pasties are turning up dead right before the 2020 elections. OBP

  3. Bullshido. Some of us are not as stupid as you expect. And btw, a will is not a suicide note.

  4. "You know Tom you surprise me. If history has taught us anything, it has taught us that you can kill anyone." – Michael Corleone

  5. A Jew, another Jew, and Bill Clinton slouched into a bar. The bartender says, "What'll it be, gents?" Clinton looks at him for a minute and says, "Naw, not tonight… Whaddya got that's 15 years old and female?"

  6. Another trumpster bites the dust

  7. Narcissists don't off themselves.

  8. Not a conspiracy when 90% of Americans believes in it….


  10. That MAN Probably had tapes of CLOWNS , and Dungeons and Dragon, WHUPPINGS, Diaper wearing, and all TYPES of MARRIAGES and CERMONY, it was a SMORGASBORD OF ALL TYPE OF FREAK NASTY STUFF

  11. You dont know it was suicide ! There hasnt been an investigation yet . Barr wants to spin it that way but we havent even had a coroners report yet . Dont say suicide you dont know that . Be responsible journalists . Trump was mentioned in the released documents. Perhaps you should mention that?

  12. Come on people we all knew he wasn't going to make it.I said to myself when they arrested him….HE DEAD

  13. Don’t believe he is dead.Just a diversion of the Democratic deep state.

  14. This newscast mentions that Epstein may have paid someone to beat him up. That's crap, rapists, child molesters and pedophiles or anyone associated with such behavior or habit are frowned upon and hated in prison. Any inmate that could or would gain access to Epstein would have killed him or would have taken the pay off and killed him anyway. If/when an inmate kills perverts he's then given higher status and "respect" within the prison population. These journalists, obviously have not done any diligent research.

  15. He shot himself in the back of the head twice! LOL!

  16. Heres what your American Fake stream news will never tell you .. Epstein was recruited by Mossad to entice Politicians, wealthy, important people… then film them ..have dirt on them then black mail them – Mossad Israeli intelligence. Its clear doublecross strategy – they had him killed he was probably about to blow open waaaaaay too much detail for anyone to handle.. Thats the truth. American propaganda is paid off and obfuscated by so many variables its ridiculous

  17. Alec baldwin. Are you involved in
    this drama with under age girls.?

  18. Obviously been killed, 😱, Royals are involved and probably most of parliament, we are fucked 😢

  19. No suicide! He was murdered because he was going to talk

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