Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Jeffrey Toobin: New Yorker investigates nude Zoom call mishap | USA TODAY

The New Yorker suspends writer Jeffrey Toobin after it was reported that he exposed himself on a Zoom call.

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  3. 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖🐖💋💛

  4. Hmmm, technology is a struggle for many creative people. How do companies on one hand ignore complaints about certain high level talent raping a colleague but on the other hand race to fire talent a colleague that has a non-intentional in-house issue that would benefit from additional training. Where is the sexual harassment umbrella when there is rape that is with intent to harm? The inconsistency is abominable considering the level of tolerance society is supposedly reaching for. He is no different than anyone else, he simply got caught and he wasn’t really at work was he? Work during the stress of quarantine is in question too. We don’t really know how much longer people can go on living like this. It is an elite group of people jumping-in eager to politically assassinate at every juicy opportunity that make this incident more complicated than it is. If any one of their complaints was consistent it could be of great value. Alas there is no consistency, their point is to strike and take down without any consideration of the long term effect. This guy should be rehired, retrained with access to an IT help desk. We’re are all human and that’s something we should try to remember as we reach to wield our sword.

  5. They found out he’s a real ‘lefty’…

  6. Yeah yeah yeah these pedophile globalist left always apologize AFTER they get caught.

  7. 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️🐖💋💛

  8. Ummm…he was masturbating while at work. I’m sure he didn’t know he could be seen or heard but who does that during a gotdamn zoom call with coworkers??? 🧐🧐🧐

  9. Toobin Lubin the Tube.

  10. Camille Caldera is fake news!


  11. I hate when you go on YouTube to look up a clip and instead only can find idiots trying to explain it rather than the clip.

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  13. He is taking time off to do what? More masturbation that's the most perverted thing occurring in this society and country. So, please ban that guy from public places, forums and even have judge take his computer and check his hardware drive. We have discovered a pervert in actions and the law that he like to dictate to us should be investigating his laptop for child porn because he's definitely a serious sexual deviant.

  14. Who's got footage? I wanna see. Hehe

  15. Choking the chicken is not a mistake but an act of self-pleasuring and to do it in publicly is a disgusting behavior.

  16. Lmao……such a TOUCHY subject. He is a idiot. You wanna play wait till your done with work meeting……….FREAK.


  18. Nude mishap? Who wrote that headline….Al Sharpton?

  19. Will it be Trumps fault that he got caught choking his "chicken: ????

  20. CNN tried to get more audience ….. Zacharia and Cuomo Tonga bikini .

  21. This is no news ! Pee Wee Herman did it , M Jackson , Madona . All leftists are in love with theselves.

  22. CNN MSNBC report on this? Crickets crickets…. Fredo? Anyone?

  23. Your behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional. However, we forgive you Jeffery.

  24. They were probably talking about President Trump at the time, and Toobin got overly excited.

  25. Knowing CNN and how corrupt they are I’m sure he’s going to beat this. They will let him cum back.

  26. Mishap? 🤣 A mishap is spilled coffee. This pervert was jerking off on camera. 🤣 That's some "mishap".

  27. He was listening to THE DAZZ BAND" Let It Whip" LOL!

  28. Was he listening to DEVO's " Whip It!?" LOL!

  29. CNN blamed Donald Trump, but Toobin blamed Melania. This is what happens to the liars of CNN. TRUMP 2020 and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE news down the SHITTER!!!!!!!!!

  30. CNN- Must have been the Russians, right?

  31. where do we go from heeeeere now that all of the hosts are whackin off, and how do we spend our liiiiiives knowing no one will lend them a haaaand.

  32. so when 102 people clicked the dislike, which hand did they use? the latter one I suppose.

  33. Jeffrey Toobin did the Toobin Snake Boogie. ZZ Top.
    CNN ought to fire this jerkoff!!!

  34. Toobin or not Toobin, that is the question.

  35. Democrats can’t tell the difference between an ELECTION SIMULATION and an ERECTION STIMULATION. They aren’t synonymous.
    What is synonymous though is a quid-pro-quo and a quid-pro-Joe.
    “My plane leaves in six hours! If the guy isn’t fired in six hours you’re NOT gettin’ the $Billion!”
    — Videotaped admission by Joe “c’mere-little-girl” Biden while he was the acting corrupt United States Vice President

  36. … you gotta go , you gotta go …trex comes..his jerkin in the hut thing

  37. Jeffrey was trying to take all the thunder away from Bo Bidens laptop!

  38. This is news?!! EVERY-ONE on CNN does "the Toobin" every time they speak – nothing new!
    Wonder if Russia had something to do with this?

  39. What a sick puppy. Soon as the guys done doing a zoom call with his coworkers he just starts going to town milking himself

  40. A biden supporter watching msmbc r. madcow on zoom.
    Fantasizing about her big mouth.

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