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‘Jeopardy!’ champ logs 19th straight win

Jason Zuffranieri is the latest brainiac to dominate the quiz show.



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  1. Where's Monk to crack this case.

  2. lol we all know its fake , they give them the answers , for pub stunt

  3. Hell yeah . Great job Jay. Enjoy your spoils. It was going to end sooner or later. Your a jeopardy legend now. Which is pretty cool

  4. 6.66 million subs its official abc is the devil

  5. Look at the big brains on Brad!

  6. Here we go again!! 😳🙄

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  8. Doing jeopardy games could make you rich

  9. He just lost today but Jason had a great run

  10. What Would You Do If You Got Handed $1,000,000

  11. This story jinxed him ! 😥


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