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‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek reveals ‘regrets’ about sharing diagnosis

Trebek, who is undergoing his second round of chemotherapy to treat pancreatic cancer, shared that it was “tough sometimes” to be publicly optimistic.



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  1. Ahhh, that's our Alex. Thank you for wearing your pin Alex. We hear your hello loud and clear. Much love and support back at yah ; )

  2. I'm a stage IIIc colon cancer survivor. I'm my opinion there is no fighting cancer. You do what they tell you to do, you ask others for help, you ask others to pray, you pray yourself and you muddle along during the treatments which are severe. In the end you either survive or don't and the idea of fighting or being brave just isn't a factor. you do the best you can and see what happens. this is what no one will tell you but the way it REALLY is.

  3. Oh, Alex. You should rest and be with your family. God bless.

  4. He should Eat a healthy diet like carrots broccoli lemons and study stem cells

  5. God bless him. He seems to be a wonderful man. I wish him only the best!

  6. There are findings now where fungicides and antibiotics can stop the growth of pancreatic cancer. Push the FDA out of the way and let him try this treatment.

  7. I think I know what you're going through. I'm so sorry.

  8. Alex, best wishes to you. Stay strong. It's not over till God says it's over.

  9. Praying for this amazing man

  10. I hope he looks into immunotherapy like opdivo it could save his life my husband was diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma cancer and was given three weeks to live they said it was pointless to put a port in because he is going to probably die soon well three treatments of opdivo and Yervoy he now has no evidence of disease the tumors went away normally his kind of cancer was incredibly rare and hard to treat and it’s one of the most deadly but cross our fingers he’s winning the fight with biologics aka immunotherapy

  11. Mr Trebek, my prayer 🙏🏻 go out to you!

  12. Love you Trebek🌈🌈🌈. Catagory… "Sentences that always end in Trebek"

    $200 Answers: We love you-Who is Trebek; $800 Brightens up your evening-who is John Trebek; $1000 Daily Double Depends at 7pm every weekday-Who is Jeopardy John Trebek💖

  13. My grandmother died of this. He's so strong for his endurance and strength. I wish him a full recovery and cure from this. Bless him. What a good man.

  14. We should all be so lucky as to to live a life like his!

  15. He’ll pull through it; I have that strong feeling 🙏🏼

  16. Alex, i wish you ask the best while you're still around… and even after. God bless you.

  17. Alex trebeck should have kept his medical condition to himself. he was right about that, by now he is sick of these fans whom have the same condition he has bugging him with questions about cures for it. But this is no one's fault but Alex trebeck.

  18. Stay Strong Mr. Trebek and make him a Grandfather kids!!!! Best of recovery and healthier days ahead! Prayers for a full healing unexpectedly! You got this!

  19. Have no regrets Alex. You have had a wonderful life. Be with your family now. Peace and Love

  20. Alex is an icon and so many of us grew up looking up to him. The way he’s facing this dreaded disease with dignity and stoicism makes us feel that his idol status is more than justified. God bless you sir!

  21. He hasn't belittled a contestant on The show since his diagnosis. I hope he beats cancer and comes out a better person.

  22. Damn now I won't be able to watch Jeopardy anyone, aw shucks.

  23. Such an icon and massive presence in day to day life. It is the time of day where all of us gather in the living room whenever we are at Grandma’s, now Great Grandma’s, and even Great Great! Losing Alex Trebec is like losing a friend and family member for many people.

    I guess there’s still Wheel of Fortune for a little while at least. Let’s hope they keep things pure and don’t screw it up like The Price Is Right. It was never the same after Bob Barker retired.

  24. i think this whole damn thing is FAKE

  25. I regret the fact that the simple cure for cancer has been suppressed for so long because the Cancer Industry wants to continue making money off of cancer. Money and fame won't buy the cure, but give me a "click" and you can have it for free….

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