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‘Jeopardy’ interim host scores rave reviews

ABC’s Will Ganss has the answer to the question: Who is Mike Richards?

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Alex died on Nov 8th. It has been 4 months. Find a new host already.

  2. I find him very bland and unertaining. He doesn't do a bad job but he does not want to keep me watching the show. Out of the two filling guests so far I much prefer Ken Jennings.

  3. After one week he is so great how many friends and family commenting on his behalf let all the guest host do their job before a decision is made

  4. So far, Ken gets both votes in our household.

  5. But did Greg come down?

  6. I was surprised how good he is! He has the chops. He should get the job.

  7. Good fella. Ya know that he is genuine….

  8. Rave reviews?!?…. He seems to me like an alien trying to fit in.

  9. I like Ken Jennings but he "banters" so much between clues that we hear the buzzer with clues still on the board. Mike Richards clears the board 100% in the first four days.

  10. Mike Richards is ok but Ken is the one.

  11. Ken Jennings or James holzhauer should be the Permanent host for jeopardy. Ken Jennings seems to be very professional.

  12. I remember when Mike Richards did the Pyramid on Game Show Network

  13. Somebody got to tell him to stop talking with your hands it’s unprofessional

  14. I am sure they can find someone other than Dr Oz and Katy Couric. They are already famous and rich. Why not give someone else a chance at the job?

  15. I love mike. Have watched him since he was on GSN. The man respects the game and would keep Alex's legacy alive.

  16. KEN IS THE BEST! A true genius & kind man

  17. Yeah, great.
    With a proposed lineup including Katie Couric and Dr. Oz, I think Jeopardy® is in real jeopardy.

  18. This is such blatant PR LMAO!

  19. He did very well, but I really thought that Ken Jennings was a great fit.

  20. Executive producer of the show and needs to confirm the rules?

  21. I don't mind Mike Richards but I think he's lacking a bit of personality. I like Ken Jennings just a bit better I think, both are very good though.

  22. Will Farrell is perfect for the job.

  23. Contemporary English Version
    Peter then said: Now I am certain that God treats all people alike. Acts 10:34

  24. The new host should be black

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