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Jerome Powell not 'in-touch' with reality: Isaac Larian

Kent International CEO Arnold Kamler and MGA Entertainment CEO discuss inflation’s effect on material costs on ‘The Claman Countdown.’ #FoxBusiness #ClamanCountdown

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  1. It’s the Obama crash all over again. Except this time senile Joe will completely take us to new depths of depression.

  2. There are huge Inflationary and deflationary forces with technology change. So the Inflationary rates are unstable and could break out. all the money printing is preventing deflation.

  3. Consumer Price Index is a scam

  4. When's the housing market going to crash?

  5. Then start making it in America.

  6. Gee the stock holders and CEOS aren't making enough money so srew the poor.

  7. It’s because of Walmart globalization

  8. Coca-Cola will charge america for global prices!

  9. End the stupid trade war now!

  10. Time for them to get a real job…F@@@ them…

  11. They have to get rid of the current reserve banking system made for the rich

  12. This guy has always been a manipulater meanwhile stealing money from the little man through inflation.

  13. Why would you look for work when the Government is buying your Food , Paying your Rent . All while paying you twice what you would be making if you had a job ?

  14. The Fed is complicate in passing on our Government lies. We are in a downward spiral and the Biden progressives are going to take us as close to the bottom as we allow. We, as a people, get what we tolerate.

  15. Lumber couldn't be harvested and milled with the workers under lockdowns. Fires caused lumber and paper issues too.
    Lockdowns probably affected the metal markets the same way. A lot of truckers were under lockdowns, even the dairy industry suffered. Then there's the border crisis, it's a huge waste of money to let those people in and put them on welfare that wasn't meant for them.

  16. Marxist-Socialist ideology is destroying everything in America.

  17. I so agree with that statement.
    That arrogant pos is destroying our currency,

    Won't be buying a crappy walmart bike at that price either

  18. The Fed has ruined the USA and destroyed our once great standard of living by inflating asset prices for the benefit of their owners on Wall Street. That is all this economic mess has been about for the past 30 years.

  19. If there's ONE thing this administration knows how to do, it's absolutely NOTHING.👎

  20. Did she actually say the fed was doing a good job. Fox wake up

  21. The Pentagon says the USA will lose quickly to China in a war with Biden as POTUS… IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS…NOW

  22. Coke knows what they can do with their tooth-decaying crappy drinks. No one with any sense cares what they do now.

  23. he knows exactly what hes doing

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