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Jerry West receives Medal of Freedom | USA TODAY

Donald Trump bestows Medal of Freedom to “The Logo” and NBA legend Jerry West
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Jerry West was a legendary player for the Los Angeles Lakers who also found success as an executive in the 1980s and recently with the Clippers.
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  1. You best believe the likeness of Mr. West is most certainly going to be replaced now. Black players are not going to tolerance the symbol of the NBA being a Trump supporter.

  2. Obama hand out Medals to unfit people

  3. How filthy that Jewish Masonic owned, single mom dead beat "father" NBA truly is ! Black players should BOYCOTT their own league and teams right NOW !!! Uncle Tom HOOKERS is what those Jewish Masonic pimped jock strap sniffers are !

  4. Even Jerry said he was undeserving of this medal

  5. I love the way President Trump put the medal on this guy !!!🇺🇸😄👍❤

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